PowerBTC Is Offering Higher Price for Bitcoins Than Market Value


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/25/2016 --PowerBTC LLC (http://www.PowerBTC.com), a cryptocurrency trading company based in New York, today announces that the company has launched an attractive offer for Bitcoin sellers worldwide. https://youtu.be/h-cffzcrEI8.

The company is offering its clients the possibility to sell their Bitcoin for a price which is higher than the one offered by other cryptocurrency markets, depending on the amounts they intend to sell and the recurrence of their transactions with PowerBTC.

Within this approach, the company keeps track of its clients and the amounts they sell by enlisting them within the company's secured data bases. All the information being saved is the clients' e-mail address and the amount of Bitcoin they have sold to PowerBTC. By filing this data, PowerBTC's operators are able to access the client's business history with the company and tailor special offers, encouraging the client to return for more and thus enabling a high retainment rate within the company's portfolio, while also developing the business in a sound and healthy manner. Such strategy aims to encourage both prospects and the existing clients of the company.

Extracted from the company's transactions history, the price for Bitcoin on PowerBTC on August 25th was USD 630, while, on the same date, Blockchain's official price was USD 570.

While the offer may appear to be a bit chaotic for the regular seller, the mechanism behind it is based not only on the company's appetite for Bitcoin purchase, but also on the outcome of the Bitcoin PowerBTC is reinvesting, together with a sophisticated calculus and certain principles common within any financial services business.

Tom Clark, Founder and CEO of PowerBTC, expressed his confidence in the fact that the new strategy, together with the investment budget approved by the Board, has made just the right marketing combination in order to overcome the entire competition on the Bitcoin exchange market.

About PowerBTC LLC
PowerBTC LLC is proud to offer not only very good business terms to its clients, but also excellent services and assistance throughout the entire transaction process. More information can be found on PowerBTC's official web-site: http://www.PowerBTC.com.