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PowerEV Updates Site Blog with More Information and Details on OLEV Workplace Grants and More


Doncaster, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/25/2020 --PowerEV is one company that customers trust. The company has proven its utmost reliability when it comes to charging solutions for electric-powered vehicles for a good long time. PowerEV not only provides superior services for home charging and workplace charging, but it also offers premium advice on OLEV grants and schemes. Today, PowerEV updates its website blog with more details and information on OLEV grants, particularly for business owners, and more.

The OLEV grant has been in place for a while now, and it provides financial assistance to those who would like to install electric vehicle charging stations in their homes and business premises and commercial properties. The advantages of using electric vehicles are now being seen by more individuals, but this is something that a company like PowerEV has recognised from the beginning.

PowerEV is a leader in electric vehicle charging station installations, and it has committed itself to supporting electric vehicle drivers around the United Kingdom with the installation of EV charging stations with superior quality and reliability in mind. Even though PowerEV is headquartered in Doncaster, it provides EV charging installations throughout the country, and it further distinguishes itself from over providers with its years of experience and its customer service, which is above par.

Today, PowerEV steps up once again with the continuous updates it provides for customers in its website blog, which now features information and more details on OLEV grants, particularly for the workplace and business owners. In the blog, PowerEV reiterates the usefulness of electric vehicle charging installations, and it also highlights the latest news in the industry. One particularly crucial piece of information clients will be happy to see involves the OLEV grant and whether clients will be eligible for it. According to PowerEV, the OLEV grant can provide electric vehicle owners with a £350 grant if they install an electric vehicle charging station in their properties. But there are various requirements such as purchasing an electric car which is OLEV-eligible from October of 2016 onward and choosing a charger that is approved by OLEV as well. There are other requirements, such as private, off-street parking, and those who visit the PowerEV website can get to know all the other prerequisites for eligibility.

Other topics discussed in the blog include the cost of an EV charging station, how far an electric vehicle goes, and more.

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PowerEV has always understood the precise requirements of its customers in terms of electric vehicle charging installations and related services, and it offers everything from home charging and workplace charging installations to commercial installations and more. For the best details on the increasingly popular OLEV workplace grant and grants for residential customers, visit the website.