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Powerlifting Pat Endorses Flex-O-Fist Hand Exerciser Rings


Stourbridge, West Midlands -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/22/2016 --Richman Trading is thrilled to announce that one of Europe's oldest powerlifter's, Pat Reeves, who has been picking up trophies and titles for the last 25+ years – successfully breaking records and becoming World Champion and British Champion in her category for the last 26 years, has endorsed our Flex-O-Fist Exercise Rings.

Standing at just 4ft 9ins and lifting with the competitive bodyweight of 50 kilograms, Pat, a 70-year-old grandmother-of-two specialises in 'deadlifts' – lifting around 90 to 100 kilos.

Now preparing for her 71st birthday, pint-sized Pat is hoping to break further world records by being the oldest woman in the world to compete in her category this year.

"I suppose you could say I'm not a conventional grandma, I'm not about to start knitting – I have dumbbells," said Pat.

"There is no age limit and that's wonderful, that's one of the best things about powerlifting, you can keep going for as long as you're alive basically."

Aside from her regular deadlift training sessions, Pat also battles numerous health problems and was currently suffering with some hand issues.  She kindly reviewed Flex-O-Fist's Exercise Rings saying, "Flex-O-Fist hand strengthening rings are bright, colourful, easy to use, keep clean and super light  to carry around or keep in your office drawer.  They definitely have merit, are so easy to put in your pocket or to use whilst watching tv or on public transport etc.  They would be great for those in care homes/hospital and for anyone looking for an easy-to-use hand exerciser that can be tailored to individual exercise routines. Very happy to endorse this product."

Pat, a practitioner of nutritional and functional medicine can be contacted via her website at

About Flex-O-Fist Hand Strengthening Exercise Rings
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