PowerPoint Alternative Focusky Unveils How to Avoid Using Animation as Distracting Elements


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/23/2015 --Despite its towering stature, not everyone is a lover of PowerPoint. There exists loads of PowerPoint alternatives out there, but amongst them all, industry watchers say Focusky remains one of the best alternatives to PowerPoint.

Being an awesome tool for animations and presentations, and that is within the reach of virtually everybody, the makers of Focusky are always interested in that which will make users experience worthwhile and stress-free, when using Focusky for their stunning presentations and professional animations.

It was to this end that Focusky issued a release today, reminding presenters of the need to avoid using animation as distracting elements. "This is a common mistake when they are using animated presentation software such as Focusky" says Mattie Lee, Head Designer of Focusky.

"When compared to PowerPoint, Focusky has more powerful functions to create animations. It provides awesome ability to zoom, to move, and to transition. Users can create eye-catching presentations easily. At the same time, however, those features are the most distracting elements, which may distract presenters away from the quality thinking required to speak well" he added.

Users are hereby encouraged to spend their time on thinking about the great multi-medias and let audiences drill in details. In other words, in as much as it is very easy to use Focusky, coupled with the diverse functionalities that it provides, users should know that it all starts in the mind. It all begins with their visualizations, and they should therefore not give room by allowing these functions to become elements of distraction.

In all, whether users are embedding videos, audio, dynamic text, dynamic scenes, rotation etc., into presentations/animations created using Focusky, they shouldn't see them as distracting elements, but it should rather urge them to think out-of-the-box about the way they present ideas to their audience members.

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Focusky is a premium presentation software creating platform to create quality animations, presentations and videos. The company recently reminded presenters to avoid using animation as distracting elements.