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Powersoft to Celebrate Quarter Century at ISE

The Italian innovator will use its final visit to the RAI in Amsterdam to look back on 25 years as one of the industry's true trailblazers


Kearny Point, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/03/2020 --With a quarter century of innovation to celebrate and a convention centre full of industry professionals in town, this year's ISE (11-14 February) has been chosen as the perfect event to mark a significant achievement for Italian audio and technology visionary, Powersoft.

Over the course of its history, Powersoft has been credited with a number of technological innovations and industry firsts. Just a year into its life, in 1996, the company had already mastered designing and developing the (then) first commercially viable Class-D amplifier, which was able to deliver consistently reliable, high power levels — something that hadn't been achieved until then. This technological breakthrough on switch mode amplification, also helped the company earn a coveted reputation on green power and efficiency, making it the company's trademark to this day.

In the intervening years, the company continued to push the envelope, always conscious of making the most consistent, efficient, and intuitive products imaginable. This resulted in a number of new products and technologies that have since become industry standards, such as the X Series workhorse and the Ottocanali Series, which boasted advanced signal processing and full Dante by Audinate compatibility, or breakaway innovations such as M-Force, Deva or Mover to name a few.

The show floor
Building on the successful launch of Mover at ISE 2019, this year Powersoft will use their pair of stands to showcase the capabilities of their latest products in real-life applications: Commercial and Conferencing

While the first stand (7-Y195) will demonstrate the company's line of renowned fixed install products – including Mover, Mezzo, the Duecanali, Quattrocanali and Ottocanali lines of FI amplifiers – the second stand (7-X205) will be an experiential zone split in two areas: Hospitality and Meeting Room.

The Hospitality Area will feature a sports bar with screens and beer on tap. All audio speakers will be powered by Mezzo, Powersoft's 2/4 channel highly compact, Class-D technology amplifier platform. Packing all the features of an advanced install dedicated amplifier in half the size, Mezzo was designed with ease of installation and operation in mind, and adapts to multiple uses and applications through flexible power routing.

Visitors will be able to pick audio from one of the three screens as the source to play in the entire Hospitality Area. In addition, they will have individual volume controls for the Sports Bar and the Stage Area via GPI controllers on the walls.

Next to the bar area, the Meeting Room will host another screen, which will also be powered by Mezzo. Visitors will be able to select the audio source from either the TV in the Conference Room or the audio played in the Hospitality Area, courtesy of the Mezzo set up. Additionally, they will have a GPI wall controller for the volume in that room.

Back on stand 7-Y195, visitors will be able to see the extensive range of FI amplifiers and get a hand on ArmoníaPlus' latest audio system management software update, which features the HealthPlus tab, a new feature which gives sound engineers a streamlined monitoring environment of all elements in a given sound system with improved communication, control and reporting to ensure the best performance.

This year's ISE will also see the return of Mover - the small yet incredibly powerful linear transducer that can be used in audio applications and, more excitingly, as a linear motor / shaker.

Adaptable to various purposes, including 4D cinemas, theme parks, or venues with vibrating acoustic floors - as well as applications that go beyond entertainment - Mover lets audiences feel the sound through haptic perception by vibrating the surrounding environment, which the human body picks up and, through bone conduction, translating the vibrations into perceivable frequencies.

The Mover platform will again be available for attendees to try on the Powersoft stand, linked to an immersive VR video.

Away from the stand, Powersoft will also be in attendance at the Inavation Awards, where the company is listed as a finalist in the R&D Award category, with company founder and R&D director Claudio Lastrucci also shortlisted for the Industry Influencer of the Year award.

About Powersoft
Powersoft is the world leader in lightweight, high power, single rack space, energy efficient amplifiers for the professional audio market. Founded in Italy in 1995, headquartered in Florence, Italy, with offices in New Jersey, Powersoft couples the experience and precision of its production department with exceptional components to deliver products with perfect audio response and high-performance reliability. Its state-of-the-art amplifiers can be found in an array of markets, ranging from stadiums, sporting arenas, theme parks, performance venues and airports to convention centers, churches, and clubs, and are used by the world's leading tour sound companies. For more information, visit the Powersoft website: www.powersoft.com