PPC Competitor Analysis Blog Launched for Small Businesses

Learn how to obtain valuable insights into your competitor’s PPC campaign data.


Mumbai, India -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/15/2019, a blog aimed at educating small business owners and digital marketing agencies on PPC competitor analysis was launched earlier this month. The blog intends to continually guide users on how to analyse their competitor's pay per click campaigns on Google Ads and use the data collected to develop a robust campaign of their own. The ultimate aim is to ensure small business owners are able to utilize their marketing budgets effectively providing them with a much better return on investment.

As per, competitor analysis is quite simple and using the right tools, any person regardless of their technical knowhow can easily track their competitor's PPC campaign. Companies are not limited to tracking their immediate competitors in their local area but are able to analyse any website that is currently getting top rankings for their relevant keywords. In fact insists PPC competitor analysis should be the first step in any digital marketing campaign and is the most effective form of keyword research for search engine marketing. The blog is not just aimed at business owners but at digital marketing agencies and freelancers as well that develop and implement pay per click strategies for their clients. Articles on the site range from how to track and analyse competitor campaigns to tutorials and tips regarding advertising on various PPC platforms such as Google Ads.

While is currently in the form of a blog with articles and tutorials added regularly, it aims to become a more comprehensive platform for pay per click marketing in the future with forums, Q&A sections and also access to various competitor analysis tools from within the website. Any business either using or contemplating using Google Ads for their digital marketing must check the site to understand how important it is to perform competitor analysis and how it can completely transform any PPC campaign with valuable insight to competitor data.