Pre purchase inspections UK

Pre-Purchase Inspections UK a New Innovative Way to Save Buyers Thousands

Pre Purchase Inspections UK is an inspection company designed and formulated to save used car buyers thousands in repair bills.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/24/2021 --What a better way to release the stress when buying a used car. Within the last three months of trading, citizen advice had registered 12,000 complaints regarding used cars being sold. Most complaints were from either feeling misled when purchasing a used car or being sold a vehicle that was not in a road-worthy condition. When purchasing a used car there are so many aspects of the vehicle that you can fall short of checking, Pre Purchase Inspections UK has this covered with three levels of packages designed for all budgets. A basic pre-purchase inspection will range from £65-£80 and will offer a 72-point check along with a 10-minute (minimum) road test. Standard inspections will start from £95 and include a 105-point check, paint depth check along with photos and a road test, a top of the range premium inspection will cover a 143-point check, a road test, paint depth check, diagnostics check, jacking the vehicle off the ground on all four corners for a deeper look underside of the vehicle and photos. All inspections carried out are emailed via a pdf file straight to the buyer, the latter two inspections include a follow-up call by the engineer to explain in further detail as well as answer any questions clients may have. So whether it's mechanical checks on used cars, electrical, paint, or bodywork issues Pre Purchase Inspections UK have you covered so you never get caught short while buying a vehicle.

Pre Purchase Inspections UK carry out fully mobile car inspections and travel a 60-mile radius of London within the costs of the inspections, Steven also claims they can also travel further with additional costs attached. One of the best offerings they have is for overseas clients either looking to export the vehicle or relocating back to the UK. It's very difficult to part with thousands of pounds when you haven't even seen the vehicle in person Steven adds and can feel very eerie but this is where they come into their own, they make each and every client feel safe and secure with their services as well as trusted. Their website includes a secure payment system where you can go book inspections with the comfort of knowing the money will not be taken from your account until the inspection has taken place, they have an authorize only policy meaning the funds will only be held until the inspection is finished and confirmed with you, only then will the money be taken.

What separates Pre Purchase Inspections UK from any other used car inspection service is all their engineers are fully trained on all vehicle models and makes including electric, high-voltage, and supercars. They claim their engineers are passionate and obsessed with investigating inspections and saving customers money! Each and every engineer has a very high eye for detail and picks up on possible future issues as well as issues right in front of them.