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Precision Coating to Showcase Next Generation Coating Deposition Technology at MD&M East Show

Precision Coating Company, a leader in Fluoropolymer coating applications, to demonstrate new state-of-the-art automation of PTFE coating deposition technology at MD&M East Show in Philadelphia.


Dedham, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/14/2013 --Precision Coating Company, Inc. will be attending the MD&M East show in Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia from June 18 – 20, 2013, and will be located at Booth 3901. Precision Coating will showcase its Generation II PTFE Coating System for medical device wire.

Precision Coating’s Gen II Coating System uses state-of-the-art automation and computer controls to elevate the science of coating deposition. The automation unit is housed in its new medical device coating facility located in Boston. Gen II technology provides consistent coating deposition targeting 0.0001” coating thicknesses (2.5 microns) and coating tolerances along a wire of +/- .000025” (.635 microns). The facility allows for a highly controllable environment and process conditions that deliver six-sigma results. Precision Coating is successfully converting customers from manual processes to the Gen II Coating System. Device components include guide wires, core wires, spring wires, mandrels, stylets, and other devices. The company offers bio-compatible and PFOA-free coatings with a commitment to quality and service.

“At Precision Coating we continue to stay ahead and find new ways of improving the coating process used in medical device manufacturing. We are excited to announce and discuss our next generation coating deposition technology face-to-face with attendees,” according to Robert DeAngelis, President of Precision Coating.

The MD&M East Trade Show is the world’s largest Medical OEM event. It is a gathering where one can find resources to solve even the toughest of medical device design engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, assembly, and packaging challenges. Additionally, one can network with thousands of fellow engineers, R&D, design and manufacturing professionals from not only the Med-Tech industry but also from aerospace, electronics, automation, plastics, and robotics.

About Precision Coating
Precision Coating ( serves PTFE and related fluorocarbon coating needs of the medical device and highly engineered components markets. Precision Coating specializes in medical guide wires, core wires, ground wires, mandrels, hypotubes, coils and other devices that require tight tolerances and high yields. Precision Coating also provides customized PTFE-coated fiberglass fabrics, tapes and belts for many industrial applications. Precision Coating is a subsidiary of Katahdin Industries.

About Katahdin Industries Inc.
Katahdin Industries Inc. ( provides high tolerance coating applications and specialized metal finishing technology and services to the medical device and industrial markets through platform-focused subsidiaries. Katahdin’s coating operations are conducted through Precision Coating Company, Inc., one of the largest Fluoropolymer coating applicators (PTFE) in the world, specializing in medical device coating applications. A separate co-located company, Precision Fabric, is a worldwide distributor and converter of PTFE coated fabrics, tapes and belts. Additional medical device coatings are provided through Medi-Solve Coatings, LLC, a provider of hydrophilic coatings, very lubricious aqueous-based formulations. Specialized metal finishing services are conducted through DCHN, LLC, an industry leader in technical aluminum anodizing, electro-polishing, passivation, and other related services. Sanford Process Corporation provides hard coat anodizing solutions, as well as licenses the company’s intellectual property, to a range of well known OEMS and their prime subcontractors worldwide, with an increasing presence in Korea and China.