Precision Nutrition Certification Program Review: MUST Read Report

Announcing a FREE 5-day Nutrition Course that health & fitness coaches can greatly benefit from! Today's Press Release unveils a unique learning/training opportunity that mirrors a 4-year degree in Nutrition Coaching and offers continuing education credits too.


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/29/2014 --Precision Nutrition (PN) has been in the business of Nutrition Coaching for a while now, and has introduced a number of innovative coaching programs for health & fitness professionals over the years. Today, the company proudly announces it's FREE 5-Day Nutrition Coaching course that the fitness industry has long been craving for.

According to industry sources, when it comes to eating healthy and exercising, more and more individuals are finding they don't have the time to "figure it out" all by themselves. Sadly, these same individuals - both fitness professionals as well as "every day Joes and Janes" - are increasingly finding it difficult to turn to authentic sources for help.

The team of fitness experts and nutritional experts at Precision Nutrition identified that gap earlier, and worked tirelessly to come up with a comprehensive, designed from the ground up program, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification course, that addresses the needs of both fitness buffs as well as health trainers.

As clients become aware of the importance of nutritional coaching in their healthy lifestyle choices, they will actively seek out instructors and coaches that can help them make those healthy choices. When that happens, in the not too distant future, experts believe that the role of certified Nutritional Coaches will be greatly in demand.

In comments made at a recent event to introduce the opening of the pre sale list for the elite course, the creators of the Precision Nutrition Certification course noted that the program has been developed based on feedback from over 30,000 of its clients - more than 10,000 of them being fitness trainers!

The aims of the course are multi-faceted:

- it is aimed at fitness professionals who wish to learn leading-edge techniques to boost their clients' success with healthy lifestyle choices;

- it teaches students how to stress the importance of nutrition advice, and how to make their clients follow that advice;

- it teaches the importance of measuring performance, and the right metrics to measure to gauge performance and success;

- it shows the right way to optimize nutrition plans based the metrics being measured;

- it is also a way for professionals to boost their credentials with the help of a one-of-a-kind industry specific certification;

- and it gives dedicated professionals an opportunity to gain continuing education credits

Attendees at the Pre Sale List unveiling event were made aware that by signing up for the course, participants would:

- learn a proven nutrition system that’s guaranteed to get results

- study at their own pace, where and when they wish, and take the online exam whenever they want

- have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to mentor with renowned health & fitness personality Dr. Berardi, use his Essentials of Sport & Exercise Nutrition text

- have access to PN’s 26 main coaching tools, and be able to use them with clients immediately
be able to save $200 and get early access, 24 hours before registration is opened to the broader public

Independent sources that have monitored previous Precision Nutrition events note that registration for all other events were filled up within a few hours of official launch. Today's Press Release is therefore offers chance for individuals, aspiring to get a seat on the course, to download the FREE 5-Day Nutrition Coaching course, and to also make use of the Pre Sale List to secure their place prior to the commencement of general enrolment for the Precision Nutrition Certification (Level 1) course.

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About Precision Nutrition
The Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification Program is a unique new online program which commences September 17th 2014. It has been designed by specialist nutrition experts with the help of feedback from over 30,000 individuals, almost 10,000 of them fitness professionals. The objective is to pass on unique skills, to a select group of fitness professionals, on the use of advanced nutrition coaching to transform the bodies of their clients in the shortest period of time possible. Designers of this program are not only health and nutrition experts themselves, but they have a proven track record of coaching others, including novice and elite fitness pros, on how to get the most of this unique fitness program.