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Precision Nutrition Coaching Review: What YOU Need to Know

Announcing a revolutionary new approach to eating healthy and losing weight: Thanks to professional, personalized coaching from nutritional experts!


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/09/2014 --The management at Precision Nutrition Coaching is extremely pleased to announce the upcoming start of its latest series of healthy lifestyle coaching programs. Twice each year the company offers a select group of men and women the opportunity to enroll in a unique health and fitness program, which helps participants achieve their most challenging fitness and weight loss goals.

Based on ground breaking nutritional science, Precision Nutrition is amongst the first companies to recognize that healthy lifestyle programs need to be tailored differently for men and women. Experts responsible for putting this one-of-a-kind program together note that using "cookie cutters" and "one size fits all" approaches have never worked.

The expert nutritionists and fitness professionals at the company explain that the physical and physiological make up of men and women differ substantially; and therefore an entirely new approach was needed in order to make reaching weight loss and healthy lifestyle programs effective for either sex.

According to the company:
"Since men and women think, eat, exercise and are motivated differently, it only made sense to help them lose weight differently"

This program is therefore designed separately, as Precision Nutrition Coaching For Men, and Precision Nutrition Coaching For Women, with unique characteristics built into each program. However, the underlying principles remain the same:
- Participants are selected to receive intense nutritional coaching over a 12 month (1 year) period
- Unlike other similar programs, the creators of this program offer one-on-one, personalized coaching for each participant
- Instead of relying on "pre packaged" templates, individual health and fitness goals are created for each member of the program
- The customized nutritional coaching program is then tied in with specially recommended exercise regimens designed to meet those personalized fitness goals

Participants who have already been through the program in prior years noted that one of the hallmarks of the program is that, unlike other programs they have experienced, Precision Nutrition Coaching introduces lifestyle changes at a gradual pace. That way, participants are never overwhelmed into quitting until their goals have been achieved.

According to company management:
"...previous programs have been so successful that all available slots in the program are usually booked within a few hours of official launch"

Through today's Press Release, the organizers of the program are therefore not only announcing the start of their next session, beginning on Wednesday, July 16th 2014, but are also informing participants of the opening of the Pre Sale list. Getting on the Pre Sale list is the best way to avoid disappointment of not getting a slot in the next program.

The company is also offering significant Early Bird discounts, of up to $400 off the regular price, for men and women signing up for the Pre Sale list. In addition, the company is announcing a number of cash prizes as an incentive for weight losers. Each year, as will be the case in the next session as well, the highest weight losers will be eligible to participate in over $250,000 in prizes.

Registration to the Pre Sale list has been officially opened, and will be closed as soon as the company has filled out all of the limited seats available for the next program that commences shortly.

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About The Precision Nutrition Coaching
The Precision Nutrition Coaching program is the creation of professional dieticians, certified nutrition coaches and professional life style experts. It is a one-of-a-kind fitness lifestyle program that differentiates itself from run-of-the-mill gym and exercise programs that are out there.