Premium Cotton Boxer Shorts Designed Especially for Women


Baltimore, MD -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/10/2018 --Women need never again get caught stealing their boyfriend's boxer shorts from his underwear drawer now that a range of boxer shorts especially for women has become available.

My Lilianas, from Samanta Stelz, are 100% cotton shorts that have pockets. Since they are made by women for women, they are designed for the female form to be supremely comfortable as well as stylish. In fact, women will love My Lilianas so much that they won't want to keep them hidden away as underwear; luckily, that's not a problem. Designed to be worn as underwear, loungewear, sleepwear, or outerwear, My Lilianas are available in a range of patterns and colors to suit all moods and tastes.

Currently, My Lilianas are available in Pink or Black Pin Stripe, Tropical Palm Tree, Tropical Pineapple, Weiner Dogs, Kitty Cat, Yellow or Blue Polka Dot.

Entrepreneur and designer, Samantha Stelz came up with the idea for My Lilianas in college when she found herself frequently borrowing her boyfriend's boxer shorts because of how comfortable they felt at the end of a long day. When shopping in the men's department for boxer shorts for herself, she ran into her colleague and discovered she was there for the exact same reason. That's when the idea for My Lilianas was conceived.

Stelz and her team surveyed women all over the country before coming up with a design for boxer shorts that women will love. They then worked closely with a top manufacturer with years of experience to achieve a prototype.

My Lilianas will be available August 14th for anyone to purchase on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter in sizes small, medium, large, and extra large. Early bird deals are available and prices start from just $18 with additional deals if more than one pair is purchased.

The team behind My Lilianas need the public to spread the word among their female friends and colleagues and purchase a pair of boxer shorts from their Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign which starts August 14th. That way, they can manufacture even more shorts and bring the ultimate in cotton loungewear to even more women across the globe. The brand additionally wants to create a community of women. My Lilianas wants to promote women's health, rights, and gender equality via social media and their blog.

My Lilianas have a stretchy, soft-to-the-touch waistband and are made from light, airy, breathable cotton. Made with slits for maneuverability and flexibility, the pre-shrunk boxer shorts have pockets for a phone, chapstick, or anything else a wearer needs to carry discreetly in their pocket.

"My Lilianas are designed with comfort as our number one goal," said Stelz. "The material is a breathable fabric that keeps you cool and fresh all day- or night- long. My Lilianas are the most breathable, affordable and sustainable pair of quality cotton shorts you will own, and you will want to live in them!"