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Preserve Valuable Food with Home and Above's Newly Launched 5-Piece Vacuum Food Container


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/06/2016 --Home and Above, a new online brand that provides a broad range of housewares and home good products, recently unveiled their latest installment in high-quality, convenient and affordable kitchen accessories: the Vacuum Food Container. Designed to make storing leftover snacks easier than ever before, the 5-piece set comes with a vacuum pump that removes all air and moisture from the containers for long-lasting preservation.

"Think of how much food is thrown out every single day because plastic bags, containers, and wrappings were not able to truly preserve the food items," said Charles Kohn, CEO of Home and Above. "With our 5-piece Vacuum Food Containers, stowing away snacks just became incredibly easy. All users have to do is place food in the containers, quickly seal the top with the vacuum pump, and place the containers in their rotator tray for easy access."

The vacuum containers are made from high-quality, BPA-free plastic, and sit in an ingenious rotating carousel for easy, visible access. Perfect for organizing chips, crackers, cheese puffs, cereal, pasta, spices, and more, the Vacuum Food Containers are stackable, which utilizes valuable kitchen space.

"This is the ultimate solution for organizing kitchen clutter, preserving leftover food, and maximizing available kitchen counter space and cupboard space," said Charles. "The solutions are endless, and above all, they ensure fresh and preserved food that is safe for consumption months after storing. Invest in a quality kitchen by purchasing our Vacuum Food Container 5-piece set today."

So confident in their product's ability to keep food fresh and organization, Home and Above is including a no-risk money back guarantee with purchase.

The Vacuum Food Container set is now officially available for purchase.

For more information, or to peruse additional characteristics of the set today, visit: http://www.homeandabove.com.

Charles Kohn