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Preserve Wealth Through Trust and Estate Planning in Vancouver

Having a trust and estate plan in place can preserve a greater share of wealth for beneficiaries


Vancouver, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/16/2020 --As a team of chartered accountants, Mew + Company offers Trust and Estate Planning in Vancouver. More than just protecting personal interests, estate planning works to preserve wealth for future generations, rather than the taxman. For more, go to:

As a business matures and wealth grows, it's important to ensure that wealth is wisely managed—both over the course of an individual's lifetime and for future generations. Investing in Trust and Estate planning ensures that all interests are protected.

A good estate planner offers specialized advice that not only works to protect the wealth acquired over an individual's lifetime. They can also provide helpful tips on how to plan for the future and minimize the tax burdens on beneficiaries. Some of the more common issues around trust and estate planning include:

- Minimizing taxes during retirement and upon death
- Clarifying your goals and preparing a will
- Recommending adequate life insurance to deal with taxes upon death
- Preparing tax filings after death
- Creating a testamentary trust
- Ensuring the financial welfare of the surviving spouse

While trust strategies are often complex, the concept of using a trust, whether it's Living or Testamentary is relatively simple. It's about planning for the future. As a team that's well-versed in estate planning, the people at Mew + Company will sit down to assess each client's goals and circumstances, and create an estate plan that works to minimize taxes and deliver other benefits.

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