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President Biden's Covid Relief Plan Includes a $1400 Stimulus Payment

Incarcerated People Are Qualified Under Latest Legislation


North Dighton, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/16/2021 --Americans continue to struggle as the Covid-19 pandemic rages on. No less affected are the incarcerated people in federal and state prisons. In response the Biden administration announces a new pandemic relief plan. Within that plan is a proposed payment of $1400 to qualifying Americans, even prisoners. To further assist Americans Freebird Publishers ( announces their new service that allows incarcerated people to file for their latest stimulus payment.

Months ago, it was determined that qualified incarcerated people were eligible to receive not only the first but the second stimulus payment as well. Prisoners are qualified for the first payment if they meet four requirements. First, they must be a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or qualifying resident alien. Second, they must have a valid Social Security Number. Third, they must not have been claimed as a dependent on someone else's tax return. Fourth, their 2019 income was under $87,000 for individuals or $174,000 for joint filers.

Filers who qualified for the first stimulus payment are qualified for the second payment as well. The second payment was sent out automatically to everyone who: met the eligibility requirements and filed a 2019 tax return; are Social Security recipients, Supplemental Security Insurance or is a Veterans Affairs beneficiary; did successfully register for the first stimulus payment online using the IRS Non-Filer tool or filed a simplified tax return that has been processed by the IRS.

Qualified prisoners who did not receive stimulus payments are encouraged by the IRS to file a 2020 federal tax return to claim both stimulus payments as the Recovery Rebate Credit. Unfortunately, most prisoners around the country do not allow prisoners to possess or file any tax forms with the IRS. Furthermore, the possession or receiving of tax forms in Federal prisons is punishable by loss of good time resulting in longer incarceration. Freebird Publishers now provides the answer.

This tax season Freebird Publishers has established a service that will file necessary tax forms for incarcerated people around the country, in both federal and state institutions. This service will arrange for all qualified stimulus payments to be paid directly to a prisoner's commissary account. Additionally, stimulus payments are not subject to being redirected to restitution payments or fines. Nor, may they be otherwise attached by any prison.

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