PRESS Creates Instantly Hot Beverages, No Electricity Required

Accessibility has always been a problem for heated beverages. But PRESS is here to provide hot drinks brewed fresh, on-the-go, and at the press of a button.


Eindhoven, Netherlands -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/21/2016 --In the busy and modern world, people are so pressed for time that even brewing coffee is seen as another ten minute, tedious process. This realization has led to the creation of several more convenient solutions such as instant coffee and Keurig machines. But even these solutions have the problem of requiring the user's stationary location as the water is being heated. PRESS is here to break this paradigm through a new, self-heating innovation. Self-heating cups with an easy-to-use button will allow the brewing of coffee, warming of baby formula, heating of soup, and more to be done on-the-go with no outlet required. Soon everything from drive-throughs to vending machines will be stocked with cups that allow the customer to choose when and where the beverage will be heated.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about PRESS is the array of possible applications. No longer will McDonald's have to serve coffee at 400 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure the temperature lasts until the customer arrives at work. Instead, customers will be able to enjoy a beverage heated to the perfect drinking temperature at the demand of a button press. What's more is that the heating method stays active for long after activation, ensuring that the perfect temperature is both attained and sustained for maximal enjoyment.

But how exactly does PRESS work? After all, heating without a battery or gas seems almost unheard of. PRESS works with good, old-fashioned chemistry, using a calcium oxide exothermic reaction to evenly heat the cup. And users can rest assured that this process is completely safe as calcium oxide is an FDA approved food additive, although it's kept entirely separate from the beverage. But PRESS needs reader's help to make this almost surreal solution become a reality. PRESS has just launched a crowdfunding campaign for 349,000 euros to go towards mold production, assembly, further testing, and product certification. With the innovation, vision, and public support PRESS is on its way to forever changing the packaging industry.

PRESS was founded and envisioned by Vincent Gielen, an accomplished inventor from the Netherlands. He has spent fourteen years in the business and is experienced in the creation of large-impact ideas. Vincent helped create of 'The $10 Million Lightbulb' in 2009 when it was named third of Time Magazine's top fifty inventions. Today Vincent looks to change the world of packaging and holds the European and United States patent on his vision of the self-heating cup. After twenty-three prototypes the PRESS cups are planned plan to roll out late 2017 for just two euros each.

For more information or to back the campaign visit the Kickstarter campaign page.