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Prevent Heat Exhauston with Cool Clothing

Protect yourself and your pets with the World's #1 Personal Cooling Products.."MiraCool" !


Oviedo, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/27/2008 -- Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of summer and with it begins the unbearable and dangerous heat that seems to be increasing every year due to Global Warming. But, there is a solution .. Protect yourself and your pets with the World's #1 Personal Cooling Products, "MiraCool" !

These affordable wearable cooling products are proven to help protect you and your loved ones from the dangerous heat by cooling you from the inside out. Each garment contains a small amount of medical grade polymer crystals that absorb 1000 times their weight in water. When worn at the major pulse points of the body, they cool you from the inside out. The comfortable durable lightweight garments are activated by water and are resuable over and over. They can stay hydrated for up to 5 days before drying out. Company president and sports entertainment "EMMY" award winner Jan Gudis, says most people loose their bandana before they wear out.

Distributed by Oviedo, FL based Stage 1 Online, Inc. the company has been highly praised for providing gardeners, outdoor workers, mascots, the elderly, MS patients, fire fighters, law enforcement, emergency responders, the military, OSHA , the Red Cross, outdoor enthusiasts and more with an extensive line of cooling protection.

Garments containing the cooling crystals include gardening and ranger hats, vest, bandanas, headbands,as well as specially designed pads for hard hats and more. There is also a doggie bandana and cooling mat.. Items are priced as low as $3.00.

See for yourself at how their products can help you, your family and friends, your workers, and your pets stay cool and safe this summer ! Quantity discounts are available, as well as personalized logo's !

Stay Cool with MiraCool !