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Prime Polymers Inc. Announces Approved Floor Cleaner for Resinous Flooring Systems Including ESD

Citri-Clean, an epoxy and urethane floor coating cleaner is now available from Prime Polymers, Inc.


Sharon Center, OH -- (ReleaseWire) --06/06/2011 --Prime Polymers Inc. a leading industrial flooring contractor is pleased to offer Citri-Clean, an approved floor cleaner for epoxy and urethane coating systems. “Over the years, we have had many inquires about cleaning products for coated floor systems and now Prime Polymers can recommend Citri-Clean, which is manufactured by our approved vendor Engineered Polymer Systems LLC.” stated Ronnie Rotili, President. Citri-Clean is floor -scrubber safe since it does not contain butyls which can degrade the rubber hoses found on most floor scrubbers. Butyl based cleaners can also attack polymer floor systems by softening the surface, thus allowing dirt to penetrate into the polymer system.

There are several types of cleaners available. The function of an epoxy and urethane floor cleaner is to solubilize the dirt, oils or chemicals so they can be removed from the floor. The function of a scrubber is to mix the diluted cleaning solution and dirt / oil and then remove the mixture. If the correct type of cleaner is utilized, companies will be able to use very soft bristles or pads on their scrubbers.

Prime Polymers Inc. specializes in industrial floor coatings and resurfacers as well as static dissipative (ESD) and secondary containment systems.

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