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Prince Hydraulics Tie Rod Cylinders Now Distributed by Dalton Hydraulics

Prince Hydraulics is now a favorable low cost hydraulics and tie rod cylinder alternative.


Blaine, TN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/27/2013 --Prince Hydraulics has over 60 years experience designing and manufacturing tie rod cylinders, pumps and valves for industries all across the United States and Canada and now has a relationship with the Dalton Bearing and Hydraulic Company located in East Tennessee.

Linear hydraulic motors, commonly known as hydraulic cylinders, are mechanical actuators used to give unidirectional force through a unidirectional stroke. Most notably used for construction, hydraulic cylinders have numerous applications including civil engineering, manufacturing, construction, automotive, logging, and farming.

All hydraulic cylinders get power from pressurized hydraulic fluid, which is typically oil. The cylinder consists of a barrel in which a piston is connected to a rod that moves back and forth. Each cylinder barrel is closed on one end by a cap and the other with a gland. This is where the piston rod comes out of the cylinder. Each piston has sliding rings and seals with the piston divided on the inside of the hydraulic cylinder with two chambers.

Prince Hydraulic tie rod cylinders incorporate high strength threaded steel rods that hold the two end caps to the cylinder barrel. This method of construction is most often seen in industrial factory applications. Small-bore cylinders usually have four tie rods, while large bore cylinders may require as many as 16 or 20 tie rods in order to retain the end caps under the tremendous forces produced. Tie rod style cylinders can be completely disassembled for service and repair.

Each shipment of hydraulic components is handled by the knowledgeable staff of Dalton Hydraulics prior to shipping to assure the customer is buying the correct Prince Tie Rod Cylinder, Pump or Valve for the desired application. Prior to the Dalton and Prince relationship, end users had to wait up to two months before receiving an order for tie rod cylinders manufactured by Prince Hydraulics. That is no longer the case thanks to the incredible buying power of Dalton Hydraulic.

Because the Dalton Bearing and Hydraulic Company is also a manufacturer of hydraulic components the trained staff has the knowledge and expertise to provide support to new and existing customers for individuals, small, medium and large companies as well as OEMs.

About Prince Hydraulics
Prince Manufacturing Corporation operates five specialized facilities including a development and research lab, five manufacturing plants, a stocking warehouse, a technology center, and of course the Prince Hydraulics corporate headquarters. The manufacturing plants include Dakota Mobile Hydraulics in Brookings, South Dakota, Lewis and Clark Hydraulics in Yankton, South Dakota. Hydraulics Components Industries in Hartington, Nebraska, Prince Hydraulics in Sioux City, Iowa and Prince Distributions services in South Sioux City, Nebraska.

About Dalton Bearing and Hydraulic
Dalton Bearing and Hydraulic is located in Blaine, Tennessee, and sells Prince Hydraulics products to individuals, small, medium, and large companies as well as catering to small and mid-sized OEMs. Dalton Bearing and Hydraulic has become long-term partners with several manufacturers including Prince Hydraulics. Dalton Bearing and Hydraulic stocks thousands of hydraulic components each year with Prince Hydraulics being one of its main suppliers.