PrivateBuy Offers 100% Safe Payment Method to Protect Buyers from Identity Theft when Shopping Online


Phoenix, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/14/2014 --The Heartbleed vulnerability related to OpenSLL is all over the news. The word “privacy” was's word of the year in 2013. The UN Declaration of Human Rights recently recognized privacy as a fundamental human right.

It's clear that the desire for more privacy is growing in importance. has launched, amidst the firestorm surrounding privacy, as the first online ordering system that marries online access with offline, cash based security. Transactions utilizing are guaranteed to be 100% secure and anonymous and the solution is surprisingly old fashioned. It uses cash.

Seller’s Perspective is available to online sellers in the United States and Canada and allows a business to cater to customers who may be uncomfortable placing their personal and payment details into the potentially treacherous hands of the internet. gives businesses the ability to 100% guarantee that a customer’s purchase is not only safe and secure but electronically anonymous. The system also allows businesses to offer customers cash discounts when using a hosted cart system.

Striving for simplicity,’s cash cart system integrates with existing ecommerce solution within minutes. It gives an online business the option of linking to it from the businesses’ existing site or even keeping it private and sending a link to it via email to a select list of customers. Even the sign up process ensure businesses their own privacy from prying eyes. The service offers a free 30-day, no strings attached, trial period.

Buyers Perspective

It was the good old days when a grandpa kept his life savings in a sock under the bed and paid for everything in crumpled, unidentifiable notes. In an out-of-the-box approach, has brought “sock security” to the modern, internet centric age. Instead of paying for goods using your card on a website cash is used instead. The security and veracity of which is ensured by

Personal information is not entered anywhere electronically and after 30 days, all offline information used to fulfill the order is shredded. There is no electronic trail and no paper trail. The potential for ID theft or snooping is completely eliminated.

Privacy Matters

For both sellers and buyers, offers a simple, quick and secure service that allows both sides of the party to complete a transaction, while maintaining the customer’s anonymity.'s primary concern is privacy and protection. Businesses wanting to capture sales that would otherwise be left on the table due to security concerns, should sign up for a trial account at Privacy is possible and easy with the proper tools to enjoy shopping online without wondering and worrying if someone is stealing information.

About offers online merchants a 100% safe, secure way for customers to spend money in their stores without risking ID theft - or worse. This is done by providing them cash-only order page hosted on

Dan Sherman
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