Privilege Center Now Makes 3D PageFlip Software More Affordable to Eligible Organizations

The digital publishing software company 3DPageFlip.com has introduced its Privilege Center that provides eligible organizations with access to the company’s flipbook software at discount prices.


Guangzhou, Guang Dong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/17/2013 --A provider of document conversion software for creating page-flipping e-books, 3DPageFlip has announced the introduction of the Privilege Center on its website. This new feature provides eligible organizations with access to discounted software. A 50% discount is available to those who qualify, typically members of an academic institution, while others may qualify as well.

Qualified individuals include students, faculty members, staff members, or accredited institutions. They can be students in a matriculating college, university, or career school, or K-12 students as the software can be used by people of all ages and to facilitate the learning process. Faculty and staff of K-12 schools and post-secondary educational facilities can also receive a discount on the software.

To receive the discount, one must contact the company and present a scanned copy of a document confirming their identity or a teaching certificate, student ID card, or other certificate. The system works by accepting the person as eligible for a discount. A check is conducted by the company and, if the applicant qualifies, it sends the customer a 50% off coupon code. This code is used during the purchasing process to get the software at a lower cost. Those who do not qualify can still buy the software from the website at its original price.

In addition, 3DPageFlip.com offers a 50% off discount for an NGO member. To receive a coupon code, the recipient must show their logo on the NGO website, with a back link, send it to the company, and wait for a confirmation and code. The Privilege Center provides all of the information educational and NGO customers need to get started with receiving the software at the discount pricing, plus the appropriate links to websites identified in the instructions. At any time, visitors can click the link to contact the company if they have questions.

For more information on the discount pricing on 3DPageFlip.com’s software and on confirming eligibility, go to the Privilege Center at http://www.3dpageflip.com/privilege.html.

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