ProCamera and iPhoneArt.com launch photo competition

ProCamera has partnered with iPhoneArt.com to launch a unique iPhotography competition. For the first time, artists and app developers will be coming together on a dedicated social art network to challenge each other, stretch the boundaries of this emerging technology, and find out what is possible.


Santa Monica, CA and Mannheim, Germany -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/18/2011 -- ProCamera, the award-winning iPhone camera app, and iPhoneArt.com, the fastest growing iPhotography community, today announce jointly launching “ProCamera Contest: UNCHARTED”. ProCamera offers a 33% of price drop to $1.99 during the contest period.

“ProCamera Contest: UNCHARTED” is open to everyone. The prizes include iPad 2, iTunes gift cards, museum quality mounts, iBal mobile color balance filters, and entries in art exhibition. The submission period is open from April 18th to May 7th, 2011. For more details, please go to ProCamera Contest: UNCHARTED at http://www.iphoneart.com/contests/pro_camera/uncharted.

The purpose of the contest is to provide a platform for artists and developers to meet — to see how far they can push the emerging field of iPhotography — to encourage everyone to move onto uncharted ground — to learn from one another — to discover new techniques — and present a unique vision to the world.

“The partnership between ProCamera and iPhoneArt is the beginning of a new kind of online community. One where artist and developers can come together on equal footing, and help each other begin to understand the potential of this new medium. We admire the arts and treasure feedback from the artists.” Said Jens Daemgen, CEO of Daemgen.net and ProCamera’s creator.

“Paul Strand once said, “The artist’s world is limitless. It can be found anywhere, far from where he lives or a few feet away. It is always on his doorstep.” Never has this been more true than it is today. So let’s find out what’s possible!” said Daria Polichetti, iPhoneArt’s co-founder.

Join in the fun, or simply enjoy this new art form: ProCamera Contest: UNCHARTED (http://www.iphoneart.com/contests/pro_camera/uncharted)!

For more information and media requests, please contact:

Daria Polichetti

Bo Lin
US Marketing coordinator

About ProCamera:
ProCamera is one of the most versatile photo apps available on the App Store. It is a 3-in-1 app offering a camera, a video, as well as photo and video editing tools. Winner of the GIZMODO Photo App Award 2010, Apple’s Staff Favorite, and Best App Development award at the iPhone DevCon 2010 in Germany — ProCamera sets new standards in iPhotography, delivering intuitive and fast control over some of the most powerful features available on the iPhone platform.

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About iPhoneArt.com:
iPhoneArt.com launched in Santa Monica, CA at the end of 2010, and was quickly listed by Mashable.com as one of the top 10 essential iPhotography sites while still in its early stages. Since then, it has become the fastest growing online gallery and network for mobile artists, offering monthly awards for great work as well as an annual iPhoneArt grant, awarded to the most deserving artist of the year.

Named for the device which first opened the door to this exciting new medium, iPhoneArt.com is dedicated to displaying, promoting, discussing and rewarding the creative works of avant-garde artists and amateur dabblers everywhere — while also providing a platform for developers to demonstrate what their apps can do for a dedicated audience. It is a Mobile Art community where professionals, beginners, and developers alike can share and discuss all forms of Mobile Art: iPhotography, paintings, drawings, audio, video, and apps.

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