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ProClean Safeguards Properties with Their Dryer Vent Cleaning in Silver Spring and Germantown, Maryland

When it comes to keeping the dryer vents clean, homeowners and commercial place owners rely on ProClean to handle the job without any hassle.


Gaithersburg, MD -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/01/2024 --Dryer vent fires are not unknown to any. Unclean dryer vents are a potential source of fire breakouts and are a threat to both homeowners and commercial space owners. That is why one must invest in dryer vent cleaning in Silver Spring and Germantown, Maryland, to keep the dryer vents all clean and in the best working condition. ProClean has extensive experience in vent cleaning, and its trained professionals can take care of the job in no time.

Proclean has been around for over 35 years and they are the proud members of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. They follow the highest quality air duct cleaning standards and guidelines set forth by NADCA, thereby becoming an accredited and professional air duct cleaning company. They are thorough with their work and provide nothing less than exceptional dryer vent and air duct cleaning services.

Their process begins with the technician showing up on time, in uniform, and in a clearly marked vehicle. They are courteous and professional, holding an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau, which signifies outstanding customer service. After arrival, the technician will locate the dryer vent

After the technicians arrive, they will locate the dryer vent inside of the home and evaluate the price of cleaning based on a number of characteristics. The height, length, width, location, accessibility, and condition of the dryer vent will determine the final price of cleaning after a thorough inspection from one of our certified technicians. After determining the final price of cleaning, the technician(s) will get direct approval before beginning to perform their specialized dryer vent cleaning.

Based on the inspection, the technician will select a variety of methods to effectively clean the dryer vents using high-pressure air and specialized tools, including the pneumatic air whip. In most cases, they follow the outside-in method; however, when required, they will use the inside-out method or both.

Once the work is wrapped, they will seek the client's approval, as customer satisfaction is a priority for them. They ensure that the job is up to the mark.

The company also offers mold remediation in Germantown and Potomac, Maryland, carpet and upholstery cleaning and more.

Call (301) 447-0447 or (410) 705-0705 for the Maryland office and (703) 646-8166 for the Virginia office.

About ProClean
ProClean is a well-known company with more than 35 years of experience offering dryer vent cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning, mold remediation, and other services.