The Perfect Shine

Professional Car Glass Coating Services Now Available in Thailand


Bangkok, Thailand -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/28/2014 --The Perfect Shine (TPS) is a leader in glass coating services in Bangkok and exclusive importer of Pomponazzzi. Created in South Korea, Pompanazzi, a unique car coating system uses nano technology to produce the highest quality product designed to protect the vehicle surface.

While a variety of coating products exist on the market, Pompanazzi distributed and imported by TPS has been tested as well as certified by Kotric, an agency of the South Korean Government. Unfortunately, most glass coating products fail to meet standards for certification by Kotric.

Additionally, this quality coating product is comprised of SIO2 (Silicon Dioxide). The use of Silicon Dioxide makes Pompanazzi capable of producing protection and shine that last five years if not more.

The Perfect Shine understands the cost associated with buying vehicles. The highest quality ingredients are used in the production on Pompanazzi. The company also understands that wear and tear due to sun, pollutants and other contaminants can damage the vehicles exterior. Pompanazzi protects your car's surface with a formula that coats and guards the exterior ensuring vehicle surface life. Additionally, The Perfect Shine offers a variety of glass coating services including maintenance and warranties up to five years.

The Perfect Shine offers products and services to fit virtually every need when it comes to maintaining the exterior and interior of any vehicle. In addition to offering the highest quality glass coating services around, TPS also also provides car wash and detailing services to those who are looking for long or short term maintenance and cleaning for their cars.

Detailing services include upholstery cleaning, interior vacuuming, engine and headlight cleaning. The Perfect Shine Imports (WAX) and other equipment designed to maintain the surface color in the best possible light. TPS uses quality products Pompanazzi, Mothers, 3M and Lexol when performing cleaning services, ensuring clients receive a quality end result designed to protect their cars.

The company also understands it's clients would like to do more than watch their car being glass coated. While the process is enjoyable to watch, TPS offers coffee as well as free WI-Fi to it's guests. For those needing to grab a quick bite, The Perfect Shine also provides a variety of foods and juice. Wait time is kept to a minimum at TPS as well. With five bays for glass coating, four bays for car washing and eight bays for detailing, guest can expect a quick return of their polished, coated and vacuumed vehicle.