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Professional DY Matboard Announces the Launch of Top 4 Mat Boards


Guangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/14/2018 --Guangzhou Diyuan Craft Co., Ltd has recently launched four state-of-the-art mat boards. Mat boards from DY are well-designed for crafts and arts. As the sole mat board supplier to IKEA in China, DY is trying more.

As one professional mat board manufacturer with sufficient experience, DY is proficient in R&D, production and sales. DY Matboard is dedicated to providing high quality and diverse mat boards; for example, uncut mat boards, multiple opening mats, custom cut mats for framing and so on.

Recently, DY is promoting 4 up-scale mat boards and has received positive feedback. Clients are satisfied with the products and they are willing to order in bulk. Therefore, the mat boards are really worth recommendation.

The first type is the 32x40 mat boards. This kind of mat board is uncut. Its thickness can be from 0.8mm to 3mm, various choices for your reference. As for the materials, cream cores and white cores are offered for clients. Clients may need uncut mat boards to cut the mat boards in the shapes of their own design or wholesalers may want to sell in bulk. All clients will get great satisfaction from DY's high quality, fair price and professional service. And the colors are sufficient, such as the white mat boards, black mat boards, gold mat boards, silver mat boards, green mat boards, red mat boards and so on.

The second product is called: custom mats for frames. The mat board frames from DY are totally manufactured by its own factory, which to a large extent ensures superb quality. As this kind of mat board can be used as a frame, customers may directly insert the picture through the mat boards. This can not only beautify the pictures, but also the frames protect the pictures from dust or unexpected damages. Compared to plastic frames, these mat board frames are totally eco-friendly. Customers now are paying more and more attention to materials as their awareness of environmental protection is getting better. What's more, these mat board frames are much cheaper than plastic ones.

The third one is the custom mat boards. Supreme designs from artists can be conducted perfectly with a custom cut mat board. Clients always order it in bulk. Good products speak for themselves. For this kind, if you want the mat boards in the shapes like a butterfly or a carved paper heart, or any other shapes you like can be achieved. DY adopts avant-garde cutting and shaping machines to ensure supreme quality.

The fourth kind: the pre-cut photo mats with multiple openings. All mat boards from DY are acid-free, beneficial to health and the environment. Fair price along with stable quality and imitation of wood texture and colors contribute to its popularity. To learn more please click http://www.dymatboard.com/.

"Welcome global customers, we insist on using the best materials with the highest standard," said Mr. Yu, the boss of DY Matboard. "Based on the requirements of customers, the mat boards can be designed and developed by the advanced, accurate equipment and supreme producing models, in order to create profit and performance for customers. Therefore, the colorful pictures show the professional operating, advanced techniques, high-quality raw materials, precise production, strict QC and thorough products testing."

About Guangzhou DY Matboard
Guangzhou Diyuan Craft Co., Ltd is one of the most reliable and professional manufacturers in China. DY focuses on quality, cost control. DY can provide the most competitive price and best quality for customers.

According to market demand at home and abroad, DY Matboard has become a modern company which integrates production, R&D, sales and service. DY offers fair price products to satisfy customers. The products are widely used in various industries and have been favored and recognized by customers all around the world.

DY offers full range mat boards with efficient production lines to ensure quick delivery. For more details please click http://www.dymatboard.com/.