Professional Edition of Flipbook Creator Is Updated with Enhanced Features

Today, it's no news that the use of Flipbook Creator is gaining more popularity with authors and publishers as it provides an ingenious and exciting way of sharing content with readers. Now, FlipPageMaker, the developer of the software, announces the release of a new version of its software, Flipbook Creator Professional.


Hong Kong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/26/2014 --Obviously, digital publishing has taken a new dimension with the introduction of flipbook publishing tools on the market. Amongst all, Flipbook Creator takes a leading position, owing to its several unique functions. Today, FlipPageMaker, the developer of the software, is pleased to announce the release of the latest version of its Flipbook Creator Professional.

While speaking on the latest version, the CEO states, saying, "Indeed, Flipbook Creator Professional has won many users over the years, and our team now focus on improving its functionality and performance from time to time. As of today, there are a number of improvements that have been made over the previous version of Flipbook Creator. The latest version now comes with more powerful page-edit functions that would enhance the quality of page-turning PDF files. Users of Flipbook Creator Professional now have an access to over 400 pre-designed templates, 700 pre-designed background images, and 300 online fantastic scenes."

It's been reported that Flipbook Creator Professional offers a wide range of features and benefits, and these include:

- The software can create various output versions such as HTML, ZIP, EXE and APP.
- Readers can use any mobile device to view the content.
- It can publish and share content on the Cloud Services of FlipPageMaker.
- The application can make Flash and HTML5 flipbooks with 3D realistic page-turning effects.
- It allows password authentication to prevent unauthorized access to the content.
- Its Animated Assistant can generate and narrate an audio file for the flipbook.

According to the CEO of the company, Flipbook Creator Professional is a proven flipbook maker that can be used to convert a PDF file into a page-turning PDF. The application allows users to embed multimedia objects and other functional elements such as YouTube videos, SWF animation, hyperlinks, FLV videos, hotspots, image slideshow, buttons, audio file, and MP4. "Compared to traditional ebooks, these features make flipbook content more interactive," he adds.

"Unlike traditional ebooks, flipbooks can be indexed by search engines because the software can create indexable HTML file that users can submit to search engines so as to make their flipbooks searchable on the net. More so, users can now monetize their content as Flipbook Creator Professional can integrate contextual link ads or banner ads onto the flipbook. A reader that clicks on the ads would be re-directed to the included website," the CEO of FlipPageMaker confirms.

For more information on Flipbook Creator Professional, go to http://www.flippagemaker.com/flippingbook-maker-pro/.