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Professional Healthcare Resources Explains Skilled Nursing for Residents of Annandale and Kensington


Annandale, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/13/2020 --Professional Healthcare Resources (PHR) is looking to explain which skilled nursing services they provide for the areas of Annandale and Kensington. Some clients may be confused regarding skilled nursing services. The skilled nursing services PHR provides include different services that assist in health recovery without having to travel to a doctor's office or lab.

Services may include continuing care such as ostomy care or disease management. Other skilled nursing services may be for short-term care following a surgical procedure or specific disease treatment. These needs may include lab draws, central line, and port maintenance or treatment for skin conditions. These are just some of the skilled nursing services PHR provides. The skilled licensed practical nurses (LPNS) and skilled registered nurses (RNS) PHR coordinates can perform a multitude of different medical functions.

Going to a doctor's office or traveling may be out of a patient's ability and may even do harm or prolong illness. Also, many of the procedures do not warrant the travel, waiting room, and other parts of typical doctor visits. Insurance carriers and Medicare typically cover skilled nursing procedures that are ordered by a doctor. Medicare Part A covers skilled nursing if medically necessary, ordered by a physician, and leaving home would require considerable effort. Other consideration is given to skilled nursing services that are short-term.

Whether residents need long-term or short-term skilled nursing throughout the Annandale and Kensington areas, PHR is ready to work with them to discuss all the various options. PHR has 20 years of experience in customizing the right plan of skilled nursing care designed around the patient's needs in partnership with their medical practitioner. Call 703-752-8700 for more details.

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