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Professional Models Fabian and Unique Travel Blog Becomes a Hit with Travel Lovers

Two professional models who launched a travel blog to allow travel lovers to experience their adventures has become one of the best-loved travel blogs.


Cologne, Germany -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/03/2016 --Two professional models who decided to explore the world together have been amazed at the huge following they have gained with their 2 Oceans Meet travel blog. Fabian and Unique who have worked with some big names in the modeling world are enjoying life with their travels and experiencing things that most people would not have the opportunity to.

Since being launched, 2 Oceans Meet travel blog has gained a huge following and a great deal of exposure. The exposure is not just down to their celebrity status as successful models, but as a result of the great blog posts they publish and the stunning pictures and the amazing videos they share. Unique and Fabian allow people to see the world without leaving the comfort of their own home and feel like they are part of the experience.

Unique said: "We wanted to share our experiences as we travel to different countries around the world. It has been an amazing time, and we have experienced so much as a couple where we have been to 15 countries together."

The travel blog follows Unique and Fabian as they go on their travels, exploring the world while undertaking volunteer projects as well as carrying on with their modeling careers. They also take themselves out of their comfort zones and take up new challenges. The couple during their travels even have the time to set up a modeling workshop (, which will be held in Germany and take place on November 19th 2016.

As well as posting about their travels and showing amazing pictures, they also offer some great advice and writing inspirational articles. For those that would love to travel but don't have a partner to travel with, Unique has posted a great article called 5 Reasons To Travel Alone (

Fabian said: "I hope our travel blog gives people ideas of places where they can take a vacation. A lot of people go to the same places each year instead of trying something new, and I hope when people read our blog and see such amazing places like El Nido, Philippines, it gives them the motivation to bag their bags and explore new things."

2 Oceans Meet travel blog, which has been described as one of the most exciting and colorful travel blogs is available by visiting

About Fabian and Unique
They are a traveling couple who are professional models, world travels (been to over 15 countries together and over 50 countries collectively alone). They make YouTube videos about their travel, volunteer projects, and modeling careers. They have an upcoming workshop Called Unique Model Workshop that will take place