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Professional Mold Testing for Homeowners in Florida

Mold Testing for Homeowners


Boca Raton, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/15/2021 --There are several different compounds, components and environmental factors involved with mold testing in Florida. As a homeowner, Aeris will provide you with the experience, skills and professionalism necessary to do the job right. A mold inspection in homes include:

- Cost calculations
- Risks
- Potential health concerns
- Liabilities
- Safety issues
- Importance of a home air quality inspection before purchasing a home
- Why Aeris professional services are preferable to a home testing kit

Working with Remediators

Hiring Aeris enables you to receive an unbiased scope of their work. This ensures a fair bid by the mold remediation company you select. The company will thoroughly check all work performed by the mold remediation contractor to eliminate any potential conflict of interest. You then have someone working on your behalf as opposed to a contractor doing the work.

Turnaround Times

The turnaround time to arrive on-site is usually one to two days. Two to four days are required to receive a report. The specific time frame is dependent on the project, sample quantity and type of analysis. No two properties are the same and all assessments are unique.

Mold Inspection Before Buying a Home

Residential indoor air quality testing should be performed before investing in a home. If the moisture levels in the home have been elevated, mold may be present. If the mold spores in the air are significant, building materials and furniture can be affected.

Mold spores are the result of a combination of cellulose-based materials and moisture. Aeris provides mold testing for homeowners to ensure your family remains safe. A home air quality inspection identifies the origin, type and cause of the mold.

Mold Testing Procedures

As professionals, Aeris takes specific steps to ensure you receive the best possible outcome. The company first determines if mold is present in the home. Residential indoor air quality testing provides accurate results. Aeris identifies all mold growth even when more than one source is present.

Mold flourishes under numerous circumstances including a pipe leak, permeable foundation and incorrectly installed air conditioners. To make certain the repairs are effective, Aeris locates every cause of mold. Moisture mapping allows every area potentially affected by mold to be checked including plumbing, cabinetry and windows.

Another serious concern is water taking the form of vapor. The team also locates areas with condensation or substantial differences in temperature to ensure even hidden mold is discovered. All clients are provided with a detailed report including test results, observations and recommendations.

The root cause of the mold can then be repaired and remain fixed. Aeris will not offer you a report and then disappear. The inspector remains available for questions regarding the mold assessment and remediation process.

Health Issues

If you have been exposed to mold, you can suffer from numerous health issues or nothing at all. Certain individuals are more sensitive to mold than others with symptoms including wheezing, stuffy nose and itchy red skin or eyes. Your reaction can be more severe if you have asthma or are allergic to mold.

Exposure to large amounts of mold often includes shortness of breath and fever. A mold inspection in homes can prevent health issues before they have a chance to begin or become even worse. Calling Aeris for professional mold testing whether you own a home or are about to purchase one is an investment in your health.

Customer Satisfaction with 5 Star Review on Google:

"The team from Aeris was attentive to my needs and professional. The results were thoroughly explained. The testing and reports were provided ahead of schedule. The company went above and beyond its word.

I found the reports helpful and clear to proceed with the necessary corrections to ensure the environment in my home was clean and safe. I was impressed with the company's integrity and found it rare. I recommend Aeris highly." ~ Elizabeth C.

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