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Lotus Human Resource Brings the Most Insightful Human Resource Training Courses in the UK

The company brings the most insightful human resource training courses in the UK; in order to ensure HR professionals stay on top of their game.

Orange County Human Resources Company Employers Resource Announces the Launch of Its New Website

Employers Resource, an Orange County human resources company, has just completed a thorough redesign of its website. The new site is now much easier to navigate, and includes a variety of updated features and information that will help the company’s clients and their employees, as well as those who would like to learn more about the company.

The Lindenberger Group Offers Customized Training and Team Building for to Shake off the Winter Blues

LogoFor any human resources needs, consider The Lindenberger Group, a leading human resources agency in New Jersey. The Lindenberger Group customizes training and teambuilding to suit individual needs. Whatever combination of consulting, classroom training, and one on one coaching works best, The Lindenberger Group can help figure out the best formula. Whether employers need help team building, implementing change in the workplace, resolving conflict, or even balancing work and home life, The Lindenberger Group offers solutions for any workplace issue. And, training and teambuilding can help improve morale during dreary winter months.

Private Equity Headhunters Expands Its Private Equity Recruiters Network

Private Equity Headhunters, one of the industry's finest private equity recruiters specializing in executive placements, announces the addition of 120 new executive recruiters to its network of retained and contingency headhunters. Bringing the total of executive recruiters to 2,742, the new additions ensure that Private Equity Headhunters' clients receive massive exposure when working with the firm. In the biggest increase to the private equity recruiter's network since 2004, not only do the additions mark a major achievement for Private Equity Headhunters, but also indicate a sign of an improving job market.

Strategic Approach to Global Human Resources Management & Employee Performance Appraisal

There are more or less 400 service lawsuits filed each week, an employer may not be able to control who files a lawsuit against a business, but it's significant to at least prepare enough so as to protect the business. Now a day’s every employer needs to be well prepared to deal with such circumstances and this where hr compliance audit comes into role. The reason behind HR audit is to evaluate the strategies used by the company, review of documents, employment practice issues, reviewing the different human resource policies and practice, review of people involved in various departments and its influence on the overall company's profile.

Private Equity Headhunters Upgrades Its Executive Search Recruitment Platform

Private Equity Head Hunters, the only executive search firm to offer a fully automated and transparent system, announces that it has upgraded its executive platform. This latest announcement joins many other changes implemented by PE Headhunters' CTO Jaree Zafar that allow the company to provide a transparent and productive system that saves recruiters and executives a considerable amount of time in the executive search process.

Raleigh Automotive Staffing Agency Launches New Website

LogoAutomotive Staffing Solutions, an automotive recruiting company in Raleigh, is pleased to announce the launch of their brand new, responsively designed website! Runs Major Website Update, Adds Many User-Friendly Features, the Greek micro job portal has gone through major website update recently. The website now adds many user-friendly features and it is 100% secure.

Young Truck Drivers in Short Supply

LogoAccording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, most truck drivers are 55 years of age and older. With an aging workforce, the need to hire and retain new truck drivers has never been greater. Although many companies have begun to offer special signing bonuses to entice new talent, it is becoming apparent that very few young people want to drive a truck. By the year 2020, the U.S. government expects there to be 330,000 unfilled trucking positions.

Raleigh Staffing Company Goes Social

Seymour Staffing, a white collar staffing agency, is thrilled to announce that they will be entering the world of social media!

Lotus Human Resource Provides the Best HR Management Consulting Services in London for Employers

Lotus Human Resource offers the best HR management consulting services in London for business owners. Embracing the challenges of employing staff is essential for business growth however failing to invest in your HR can result in costly tribunals.

Cathal Doorley Looks to Raise £100,000 via Crowdcube to Develop Rezoomo Into a Worldwide Recruitment and HR Platform

LogoRezoomo is positioned to empower job seekers with cutting-edge online tools to showcase their skills to prospective employers in a unique and engaging way while fundamentally altering how people create the resumes, deploy them and ultimately connect with employers.

Jason Tyler, Senior Vice President, Head of Corporate Strategy at Northern Trust, Is Among Five Chicago Executives and Educators Joining One Million Degrees Board of Directors

LogoOne Million Degrees is thrilled to welcome five new members to its Board of Directors: Jason Tyler, Senior Vice President, Head of Corporate Strategy, Northern Trust; Rashid Carter, Professor of Economics and Business, Harold Washington College, City Colleges of Chicago; Catherine Cummings, Human Resources Executive; John Gross, Chief Executive Officer, Newcastle Properties; and Don Yannias, Founder and President, Boker Investment Management, Inc.

Pcdata Easy to Install Pick to Light Solutions Resulted in Client Staff Reduction

LogoFlexiForce designs, manufactures and supplies components for manufacturers of overhead doors. FlexiForce installed Pcdata’s pick-to-light system and achieved fewer picking errors and shorter turnaround times. In 2012, the positive experience of pick-to-light in Barneveld, The Netherlands, gave FlexiForce every reason to introduce the technology at their rapidly expanding operation in Hungary.

Parker Personnel Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Parker Personnel, an agency providing both skilled and unskilled labor for Los Angeles and Orange County warehouse jobs and other temporary positions, is celebrating its 25th year in business. For more than two decades, Parker Personnel, located on the web at , has provided competent laborers at reasonable costs for businesses in Orange County, Los Angeles and throughout southern California.

Job Interview Secret Review Reveals Sneaky Job Interview "Trick" for Job Seekers

Job Interview Secrets is the latest online course developed that focuses on helping customers discover proven interview strategies which guarantees to help them get hired. Daily Gossip Magazine made an unbiased Job Interview Secrets Review who aims to help customers worldwide discover the answer to one big concern that most customers have: Is Job Interview Secrets a scam? Or it really works? Job Interview Secrets Review readers can find on that following the guidelines from the book users can expect to see positive results as soon as possible.

Raleigh Staffing Agency Looks Forward to 2014

Seymour Staffing, a relatively new staffing and HR services company located in Raleigh, has completed its first successful year as a business. Is Launched as the First Job Board for CrossFit Trainers

Founding the first job board for CrossFit L-1 trainers Brian Diez thought outside the box on more levels than one. Having first-hand knowledge of the effort it took to both find and hire CrossFit L-1 trainers Diez saw a niche in the marketplace that wasn’t being filled. With that need in mind he founded as the first job site board whereby employers can post jobs and CrossFit trainers can post resumes. The highly approachable platform is an exceptional vehicle in keeping with the same modality as the CareerBuilder or Monster job-seeking websites.

Two in Three Engineers Feel They Have More to Give Reports Randstad CPE

Two in three of Britain’s engineers feel they have more to give in their career in order to reach their full potential.

Taking Care of All Payroll Issues - ERG Umbrella Services

Umbrella companies are a boon to the people who sell products and render services as sole traders. While sole trading has a lot of advantages, it suffers the brunt of being a smaller enterprise in comparison to the big and popular names in their respective industry. So many people who do not want to establish themselves as sole traders, or do not want to complete their tax returns, or do not have their own limited company are most likely to take to umbrella companies. The services that are rendered by the umbrella companies are such that the individual companies can save tax, have a huge network and also enjoy the benefits of being a contractor.

GSR2R Offers Recruitment to Recruitment Services Throughout London, UK

The tide of the economic backslide is finally beginning to turn, and there has been an increase in the number of jobs in the UK for the last two quarters, fuelling in turn an upswing in the demand for high quality recruiters. Recruiters of all levels of experience are best placed finding work through an established rec to rec company like GSR2R, an award winning established rec to rec company. Thought of as leaders in their industry, they have expanded their coverage not just throughout London but through its surrounding population centre’s to deal with increased demand.

Why the Black Friday Slump Is All About Jobs

The Wall Street Journal reported a 13.9% decrease in sales this past Black Friday. Although revenue is up 2%. There have been many reasons passed around to the "why" this has occurred, but the reality is jobs!

Private Equity Headhunters LLC Reviews Its Third Quarter Results

Private Equity Headhunters LLC, a firm that is well known for its dedication to finding executives well paying jobs, recently revealed the findings of its 2013 third quarter. The results, which were unveiled in a new blog post by the company, show that its hiring activity corresponds to industry trends.

The Lindenberger Group Announces New Virtual Onboarding System

LogoSome words to describe the first day at a new job would be stressful, difficult, overwhelming and confusing. Over the course of a year, companies spend countless dollars on the time and manpower needing to be invested into training new employees and short-term employees such as interns, temps and contract workers. The training process involved with hiring this amount of people can often times cause company productivity and efficiency to suffer. This is why The Lindenberger Group, a leading human resources consulting firm, is pleased to announce its new virtual onboarding system.

DMC Property Maintenance, Inc. Now Hiring Drivers in Preparation for the Winter Season

As the winter weather has arrived and parts of the country are beginning to get hit with monstrous snow storms, DMC Property Maintenance, Inc. is pleased to announce they are now hiring snow plow and truck drivers in preparation for this winter season. The company offers premier snow and ice management services to commercial clients in Philadelphia. When their service is completed, store owners and commercial properties will be able to open for business and have their parking lots and entry ramps accessible for customers.