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Damage Hurts, Insurance Does Not: Differentiating the Variety of Insurances

LogoBusiness insurance signifies one kind of security to any business. In times of acts of God and unexpected circumstances, business insurance is a great help.

Safety as a Service Debuts Exclusive Recruiting Platform for Truck Companies

Due to their recent success and explosive growth in the last 3 months, is now offering their recruiting service in an entirely new setting. The site already assists businesses all over the country in finding licensed, reliable truck drivers.

PEHHS.COM Announces Q1 2014 Results, Reveals Six Figure Job Surge

Innovative executive recruiting firm, PEHHS.COM, reveals first quarter figures and employment trends.

JetBlue's Ramp Workers Seeking Union Representation for Better Labor Relations

The recent JetBlue Airways Pilots groups' ALPA election vote, and the Flight attendants working with the Transport Workers Union of America (TWU) for a push to unionize, has encouraged the efforts of the JetBlue ground workers to organize and seek unionization options.

Wizcore Offers Customized SAP Training, Business Solutions and Recruitment Services

A career in Systems, Applications and Products, popularly termed as SAP is an attractive option these days. Used in Data Processing, SAP is a companion for many big organizations and corporations to manage their business. For aspirants there are possibilities of a rewarding future due to the scope of growth in this sector. Lack of qualified and skilled professionals makes it a ground of opportunities.

The Lindenberger Group Now Offering Management Training Services for 2014

LogoThe Lindenberger Group is now offering Management Training services for 2014. Management styles have changed significantly over the last few decades. Best practice is that managers no longer bark out orders. Current management philosophy encourages managers to motivate, coach and teach their team rather than just direct them. Employee morale is greatly improved when workers feel like a valued member of a team as opposed to a drone receiving orders.

Employee Attendance Tracking System: The Drive Towards Employee Productivity and Better Workforce Management

LogoBusinesses, especially in the services industry, which heavily rely on people, need to have a well-structured and reliable attendance monitoring system to ensure efficiency of daily operations.

Lotus HR, a Human Resources Consultancy in London Offers Services by Professional, Qualified UK Experts

Lotus HR, a renowned human resources consultancy in London offers services by their professional and highly qualified experts. They can take care of one’s human resource issues by providing expert consultancy services. One can get all the issues resolved in no time and in a comprehensive professional way.

Employment News Today Offers Latest News on Various Employment Resources Under One Roof

Employment News Today is one-stop resource for those who wish to find the details of all job vacancies that state or central Indian government offer through various sources instantly. Employment News Today offers extensive information on various jobs and enables job seekers access it under one roof. The online employment news portal helps unemployed youths to find jobs that suit them best by simply browsing the website.

Customer Services Jobs Aid in Improving Speaking Skills

Working as a customer service employee not only helps in boosting the confidence and morale of an individual, but also calls for quick reflexes and strong and capable organizational as well as interpersonal skills. Recently, there has been a rise in Call centre employment, owing to the fact that these jobs are easily accessible and are a quick way of generating income, particularly in countries where there are high unemployment rates. Launches to Provide Access to Call Center Careers and Put a Dent in Unemployment

Leading niche media and Internet marketing firm Domain Media Corp. announces today that it has launched a new employment oriented website and resource for call center careers at

Gropag Personalmanagement AG Works To Secure Optimum Candidates For Companies In Search Of Executive, Managerial and Support Staff

LogoWith an enthusiastic attention to detail Gropag Personalmanagement AG uses its expertise in human resources to provide companies with qualified staff. Doing their utmost to recruit candidates well-suited for executive, managerial and support staff positions the company works to find job applicants that are passionate about their vocation. By attracting and motivating qualified applicants, and then furthering the professional development of the staff, Gropag brings a highly personal managerial approach to the changing marketplace and its industries.

Apex Star Launches Tenant Background and Credit Check Campaign

The housing market appears to be on the rebound, leading many to consider renting property again or making a change with current tenants. When one goes to rent a property, he or she needs to look into obtaining a background check along with a tenant credit check to ensure those coming into the property are reputable and will pay as agreed.

The Lindenberger Group to Continue Human Resources Outsourcing in 2014

LogoThe Lindenberger Group will continue its successful Human Resources Outsourcing services this year. This program has proven especially successful at help entrepreneurs and new companies grow. By outsourcing HR and having third party professionals handle this aspect of business, companies have more time to focus on other concerns. Membership with The Lindenberger Group includes an HR Advisor backed by licensed and experienced professionals who will assist the company with whatever they may need.

Western Capital Group Voted the Top Financial Investment Firm in California

Alexander Estrin, a sharp and recognized finance professional, heads the boutique financial firm, Western Capital Group. The group operates out of Beverly Hills, California. Under the leadership of the young driven entrepreneur, Alexander Estrin, Western Capital Grouphas been awarded numerous industry awards and accolades for their outstanding accomplishments. The achievements in the industry include praise for exceptional work in Residential and Commercial Mortgage Loan Origination, Trust Deed Investments, and Real Estate Syndication. Western Capital Group covers the entire State of California, and has done most of their projects in Beverly Hills, Century City, Hollywood Hills, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Pasadena, and Westwood. They focus on, but not limited to, the high-end areas of California.Western Capital Group is a one-stop-shop that will fully take care of all of your real estate needs. Announces Alisa Finley Brain Cancer Patient Flight to Visit a Baby Lion, is proud to announce the organization, planning and implementation of a special flight for Alisa Finley in order to fulfill her lifelong dream of being able to pet a baby lion. This is a unique and inspiring flight dedicated to helping a young girl with stage-4 brain cancer achieve her dream of coming into close physical contact with a beautiful baby lion. Alisa lives in Kansas and will be traveling to Pauls Valley Oklahoma where she will then be picked up and brought to The Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Park to meet with her newfound friend to be - a baby lion. Joe Exotic, Misty Sunshine the operator of Capacity2care and pilot Emil Bragdon of Ft. Worth Texas will be flying to Garden City Kansas on April 13 to pick her up in order to fulfill one of her last wishes.

Ummah Global Relief Receive a Special Mention in Letter of Thanks from the Philippine Embassy After Typhoon Haiyan Disaster

Ummah Global Relief, an Islamic charity which was founded in 2009 is pleased to have helped thousands of families, widowers, orphans and elderly people. To date most of the charity's work has been in Pakistan, India, Kenya, The Gambia and Jordan. They say that their aim is now to expand operations to more countries in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. The new countries will include Bangladesh, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Niger, Ethiopia, Mali, Burkina Faso, Somalia, Central African Republic, Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

Lotus HR, Well-Known for Their Human Resource Training Courses in UK Offers Impeccable Support Services

Lotus HR, well-known for their human resource training courses in UK, now offers impeccable support services. They understand how important it is to employee a suitable candidate in order to grow a business. Their selected candidates know all kinds of responsibilities whether it’s legal, moral or plane bottom line. In addition, one should always keep in mind that to grow a business the employees should be capable of making investments for the company.

Two Texas-Based Veterans Elected to Project Sanctuary Board

LogoProject Sanctuary took the next step in preparing for projected growth in retreat offerings for military families, electing two new members to its Board of Directors. Joseph “Joe” Morrin and Lt. Col. (Dr.) David Tharp will each serve two-year terms.

Raleigh Staffing Firm Adds Job Recruiting Specialist

Seymour Staffing, a full service Raleigh staffing company, is excited to announce the hire of Ray Rivera as Vice President of Operations.

Swansea Human Resources Experts Set Up to Support Mediation for Local Businesses

Two leading Swansea HR experts have trained to become professional, workplace mediation specialists with the aim of supporting local organisations who may be facing a breakdown in their business relationships.

VA Placements Recommends Readers 4 of the Best Tips on How to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants (VAs) have become fairly common in the modern world. They are much more preferable to full-time administrative assistants for largely two reasons; they are cheaper and more convenient. Full-time assistants need hardware and furniture, are given paid holidays and have a long list of government protection especially around workplace health and safety and hiring and firing regulations. Virtual assistants, on the other hand, are hired as independent contractors and can be on retainer or hired for a few hours or a few tasks. After the specific project is done and the money paid, one no longer needs the assistant if that is your preference. (If interested individuals need virtual assistants and ideas on what they can do in an hour, visit

The Lindenberger Group Now Offering Employee Handbook Writing for Spring 2014

LogoSpring cleaning is not just for the home. The Lindenberger Group, an award-winning human resources firm, can review, update and write an employee handbook, a great “spring cleaning” activity for businesses.

PCR Now Offering Their Assistance for Information Technology Professionals

LogoIn today’s economy, it can be difficult to break into the workforce, and hold a sustainable job. Many times, individuals—regardless of their background—find themselves between jobs, struggling to make due. In these instances, it is extremely advantageous for individuals to seek the aid of a reliable and rewarding recruitment agency to help land of their feet. This March, PCR is offering their assistance for candidates to find employment in the information technology industry. Every person’s situation is unique, and PCR works with their candidates to find a job that fits their needs.

Phoenix Training Offers Sales and Development Courses to Enhance Your Team's Skill and Confidence

Phoenix Training offers sales and development courses to enhance the skill and confidence of your team members enabling them to be successful at work. They make use of a unique training programme using shape selling methodology and specialize in developing accurate, client-focused, consultative selling techniques. This simultaneously engineers the positive and professional mind-set that helps release the maximum potential from every individual within your team.