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Professional Taste Laser Announces 3 Up-Scale Laser Marking Machines for Diverse Materials Like Paper, Glass and Leather

The leading supplier introduces top-ranked laser marking machines and laser cutting machines.


Guangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/11/2018 --Guangzhou Taste Laser Co., Ltd has lately launched three avant-garde laser marking equipment. They are well-designed laser marking systems for leather, textile, paper boards, ceramics, glass, LED lighting, stones, nameplates, auto parts, jewelry, metal and so on.

As one mature laser marking equipment manufacturer with sufficient experience, Taste Laser is proficient in R&D, sales and production. We are dedicated to providing high-quality and diverse laser marking machines; for example, the new 3D marking machine, the ultra-fast co2 laser cutting machine and the super co2 laser marking machine and so on.

Recently, Taste Laser is promoting 3 up-scale laser machines and has received pretty much positive feedback. Clients are satisfied and they are willing to order again. Therefore, these new machines are really worth recommendation.

The first type is called: new 3D marking machine. Taste Laser integrates a 3D SCAN Function into it: a 3D SCAN is designed for the TASTE Series based on a auto-focus function. What a 3D SCAN can do is to identify the marking area by placing one thousand laser points on the 3D subject surface, all those points will form a line, and this line can be automatically moved back when it finishes scanning. Then we can get a 3D model from its 3D software. What you can see from the 3D model will be what you get from this newest machine.

What can a 3D SCAN solve?

1. No need to worry about marking on irregular surfaces.

2. Avoid bad marking quality problems due to position errors.

3. Avoid high cost for problems on building 3D models.

Besides, using ABS and PC materials, the sealed-mold design successfully prevents dust from entering to achieve much longer machine lifespan. Taste Laser insists on keeping European manufacture standard. The precise linear guide drive device and the photoelectric sensor switch limit control device ensure efficiency and stability. Moreover, the motorized lift and the autofocus devices are easy to use by pressing one button on the control panel. It's very easy to achieve accurate 3D marking control and changes of focal distance by using core technologies like the 3D software and the 3-axis dynamic focusing system.

The second product is the ultra-fast co2 laser cutting machine. Adoption of a linear servo electric motor drive breaks the speed limit of ordinary cutting machines. Being able to generate up to 30G acceleration, which means 10 times the acceleration of a high-performance car. In the machine, there is a brand-new five-axis linkage 3D cutting head to perfectly realize incisions of all sizes at any angle. What's more, the red light positioning preview device adopts a patented design which performs coaxial emission to achieve precise positioning.

The third one is the super co2 laser marking machine. Taste Laser is a leading brand in laser marking. The unique folded cavity design brings better beam quality, smaller spot diameter, better uniformity and higher consistency. Its adsorptive platform keeps objects close to the working plate, which can highly avoid position deviation. And the elaborate design of big scanners makes it much more precise and efficient. Another highlight is: it uses larger optical lenses, galvanometers and controller cards with stronger power, different from ordinary standard.

Advanced laser machines from Taste Laser are terrific for different materials like molds, nameplates, 3C electronic products, wooden wares, leather, clothing fabrics, arts/crafts, metals, anodic alumina, relief, ceramics, paper, fabric, product packaging, glass, jewelry, auto parts, lamp ornament, stones, denim, acrylic, electronic components. For example, the picture beside is the delicate display of leather laser engraving and hollowing. The laser marking machines from Taste Laser brings more possibilities for versatile usages in all industries. To learn more, please visit www.tastelaser.com

"Taste Laser marking machines combine the industry experience and application knowledge for years. Under the environment of "intelligent manufacturing", industry connotation becomes the key to enterprise development" said Ms. Yang, the Senior Brand Manager of Taste Laser. "Our innovative products are not only able to meet present demands in manufacturing and research industries, but we can also satisfy their future demands."

In 2015 Taste Laser cooperated with Guangzhou Machinery Technician College and South China Normal University. It has become a partner with Ministry of Education for cooperation involving production, teaching and R&D in laser technology with powerful technical research backup support.

About Guangzhou Taste Laser
As one of the leading laser marking machine manufacturers, Taste Laser has been constantly devoted to laser marking machine development since its establishment in 2004. With professional overseas teams and production lines, Taste Laser has become a reliable laser equipment supplier. For more information, please click www.tastelaser.com