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Profits Run Shares Step-by-Step Trading Plan to Potentially Double or Triple Your Money Every Time Apple Does This One Thing

Bill Poulos of Profits Run releases new guide to show traders how to potentially double, or even triple, their money trading Apple and other blue-chip stocks at certain times of the year.


Wixom, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/12/2015 --Profits Run, a Michigan-based trading and financial education firm, founded by Bill Poulos, recently released a new trading guide that is teaching regular people how they can have the potential to double, or possibly even triple, their money using a unique and little-known strategy.

This unique trading strategy involves trading options on popular blue-chip stocks (like Apple, Facebook, and others) during the brief window of time before and after a company announces their quarterly earnings announcements.

A stock's price will often spike sharply or fall dramatically in response to these quarterly earnings announcements. These wild price swings are bad news for typical "buy and hold" investors. But in this guide, Bill Poulos shows traders exactly how to trade these blue-chip stocks during earning announcement periods without ever buying the stock. This unique trading method is effective because it allows traders to potentially profit no matter if the stock's price goes up or down. No matter which direction the market moves, traders can profit with this unique plan.

Using this method to trade Apple during previous earnings announcements could have resulted in winning trades with average gain of 121%. Of course, not every trade is a winner. But the average loss trading Apple with this strategy was just paltry 4.2%.

In preparation for the next round of earnings announcements, Bill Poulos and Profits Run are making this unique trading method available for free download on the company website.

About Profits Run
Bill Poulos, founder of Profits Run, has been trading the markets since 1974. After retiring early from the auto industry, he started Profits Run (along with his son Greg) in 2001 to help everyday people learn safe and reliable ways to win more trades. To date, Bill Poulos and the Profits Run team have helped more than 60,000 students learn to become safer and smarter traders in a variety of markets, like stocks, options, ETFs, and FOREX. Profits Run is based on the trading philosophy of safer, simpler methods that put an emphasis on risk management, rather than unrealistic hype.

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