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Project Journal Has Launched and It's Expected to Soar


Bedford, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/07/2016 --Project Managers and young professionals in the UK and aboard have something to celebrate with the new online platform Project Journal. Project Journal is an online magazine that publishes articles designed to inform, educate, inspire, and unite project managers in their respective fields including, but not limited to, architecture, building, environment, science, sustainability, and technology. So, yes, Project Journal covers everything and they do it with class.

Several factors exist that set Project Journal apart from the competition. Whether it's a case study, an article, or a leadership piece, privately funded Project Journal takes an unbiased, innovative, and expert approach to publishing content. Similar publications have been around so long that they produce uninspired, sponsor-funded, and dated materials. Project Journal hears what project managers want. Project Journal listens to the experts; that's you! Project Journal listens to its readers by offering a simple publishing process… This unique online magazine publishes the submissions the readers contribute as opposed to content that the powers to be are paid to promote. You write it, they cite it.

According to Dean Jones, the founder of Project Journal and Associate at AECOM, he has created "a space for a growing community of project professionals searching for the latest project news, products and events." The reason we're so intrigued about this new site is that it seems to serve a dual purpose; Project Journal doesn't exist solely to educate, Project Journal is here to learn. Unlike similar media, Project Journal has no political, financial, or corporate affiliation. This eliminates the narrow-minded perspective that most of us experience when perusing online content hoping to gain an edge in the field we're passionate about. Project Journal doesn't create clones; Project Journal drives individuals.

"Project managers are faced with the challenge of delivering projects covering a broad range of markets, including transportation, facilities, environmental, energy, water and government and more," said Jones. "With access to the Project Journal, managers can quickly get up to speed on trending topics and start conversations with other project professionals."

Project Managers, who are arguably the most over utilized and under-appreciated staff members in a wide variety of industries, now have a digital haven to turn to for support, knowledge, and inspiration.

About Project Journal
A leader in project innovation, industry opinion and expert analysis in the project management space, Project Journal is a digital publication dedicated to all aspects of project management, including disciplines architecture, engineering, surveying, planning, procurement, operations, finance, marketing, estate management, commercial, development, and more.

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