Project Soymilk Partners with Indiegogo to Combat Malnutrition and Unemployment

Delvira Limited, the company behind Project soymilk partners with indiegogo as a platform to actualize its twin goal of combating nutritional challenges among children and vulnerable groups and also to provide jobs for unemployed young persons in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/17/2017 --Project Soymilk is a passion designed by a team of young and well motivated entrepreneurs in Delvira Limited to achieve two major goals. Firstly, provide a nutritionally balanced and healthy food drink to young undernourished children and those that are nutritionally challenged due to their health status such as diabetic patients and lactose intolerant individuals. Secondly, the other goal of Project soymilk is to leverage on the agricultural and economic value chain of soybean processing in to soymilk to provide the much needed jobs and opportunities to young unemployed persons within the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. Project Soymilk is an agro-processing initiative where soybean would be processed into soymilk which has numerous nutritional and health benefits in fighting cancer, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, osteoporosis and acute malnutrition.

This post gives detailed benefits of soymilk:

Soymilk has numerous nutritional benefits that makes it that ideal food drink that guarantees the health and well-being of individuals that consume it. It does not contain lactose and therefore ideal for lactose intolerant individuals. it does not contain cholesterol which is a component implicate din heart conditions and high blood pressure. It contains isoflavones and lecithin involved in cancer prevention. the high protein content of soymilk also makes it ideal to fight osteoporosis and bone tissue loss due to the fact that it helps prevent calcium leaching. The vitamin and mineral component of soymilk such as isoflavones, biotin, niacin and pantothenic acid establishes this food drink as an ideal beverage to fight diseases and prevent vitamin deficiency ailments especially among growing children.

Here is post on the important equipments and machines used in industrial soymilk production:

Industrially, soybean can also be used in biofuel production. Biofuel from soybean known as soy methyl ester has increasingly becoming a close substitute for petroleum diesel oil. All these adds to the economic value chain of soybean that can be harnessed for job creation in locations where soybean is widely grown. Biodiesel production from soybean is a long term project priority of Delvira limited that would provide even more jobs to the teeming Niger Delta youths of Nigeria.

You can also read on how soybean can processed into biodiesel for trucks and cars that run on diesel engine:

Project Soymilk has partnered with indiegogo by using its platform to raise funds and support from backers to help actualize this lofty project. The indiegogo campaign link will enable this young team of entrepreneurs at Delvira Limited establish a soymilk processing plant in Benin-city, located in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria by using available soybean grown locally by farmers in parts of the country as its main raw material. Funds realized from this campaign would go into the purchase of machinery and equipment for the processing plant.

This video gives a clear insight into how soymilk is industrially processed from soybean:

Our twin goal of providing nutrition for growing children and nutritionally vulnerable persons in the society and also in providing jobs for youths in our soymilk processing factory serves humanity and helps society solve problems associated with hunger, malnutrition, unemployment and crime. When youths within the Niger Delta region become meaningfully engaged in a productive venture, they are taken off crime and the society becomes safer and more secure. Our decision to leverage on the agricultural and economic value chain of soybean in processing soymilk to achieve this twin objectives can only be realized with your support by spreading the word on the campaign on indiegogo in social media channels and by donations from backers who support our course to help Nigeria solve its myriads of problems.

Our indiegogo campaign to raise funds for Project Soymilk is replete with amazing perks that you can choose from as a symbol of your contribution in putting a smile to people's faces when food is presented to them or when they secure a means of livelihood. This is what project soymilk seeks to achieve. Its a project that was born out of passion and a commitment to helping society. We urge you to identify with this project by your donations as backers. We believe in our passion as young entrepreneurs at Delvira Limited and we also believe in you as our strength, support and as a backer.

Here is a link to our campaign where you can donate as a backer and help actualize Project Soymilk:

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