Projek Raw

Projek Raw Continues to Expand and Opens New Locations

Projek Raw is quickly becoming an international name and brand that speaks to the men’s wear market in Europe, Canada, and now the United States


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/17/2016 --Over the last several years, Projek Raw has become a staple in the men's wear market. Projek Raw was first established as a local fashion company that offered the basics in men's clothing, such as shirts, pants, jeans, and so on. However, with a burning desire and passion to stand out and do something different, Projek Raw has expanded exponentially, and is quickly becoming an international name and brand that speaks to the men's wear market in Europe, Canada, and now the United States.

As a result, Projek Raw has expanded its line of clothing and accessories from "the basics" to more daring and unique patterns, colors, and styles, all of which have become a huge success. In fact, 2016 has been one of the best years yet for Projek Raw in terms of growth, expansion, and brand recognition, which has been evident in the popularity of the 2016 Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter collections.

As time has unfolded, the mission of Projek Raw has been to redefine fashion for the men's wear market by listening to customers, paying attention to their feedback, and steering away from "fast fashion", a tired, trendy, and "boring" look that has been lingering in the men's wear market like a bad cold for far too long. However, Projek Raw's "have no fear" attitude has attracted many young, urban professionals that live by "the heart of the city" all over the world.

About Projek Raw
Projek Raw is a fashion company that has sought out to redefine fashion in the men's wear market and appeal to an audience that craves a level of creativity, innovation, and that is truly different from anything else available on the market. Projek Raw saw this opportunity and capitalized on it, which is why fashion in this particular market means something different today than it did even several years ago.

The CEO and founder of Projek Raw, Dov Cohen claims, "Projek Raw was created with the inspiration for the young man looking for trendy fashions. He wants to look current and even a little ahead of the fashion trend. Every time we develop a new item, that's the question we ask ourselves; 'is this fresh, is this trendy, is this different? Most importantly, does it look like everyone else?' If it does, throw away the design."

Projek Raw Expands into New Markets and Opens New Locations
Not only has Projek Raw expanded its line of clothing, accessories, footwear and outerwear, the company has also made it easy for consumers to find them with the availability and accessibility of online shopping but also throughout numerous retail locations.

In fact, Projek Raw has added a "find a store" feature on their website to help make it easy for consumers to find the closest local retail locations. Consumers can now search for a store by country, state or province.

Regardless of whether consumers are looking for a local retail store to get their hands on the latest fashions, to do holiday shopping or to gear up for the upcoming winter season, Projek Raw is proud to be able to expand and open retail locations to appeal to its new international markets.

For more information on fashions, products, and the best place to find this year's jackets, visit or check out the jackets that are in style in the fall and winter 2016 collections. For questions, feel free to contact the expert team here.

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