Projek Raw

Projek Raw Uses the Words of Our Youth to Generate Compelling Men's Apparel

Since their inception, Projek Raw has gained popularity due to the vision and passion they show with every new piece of clothing produced.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/03/2016 --Projek Raw, a Canadian-based Young Men's designer that has decided to bring its stylistic theme to the youth of America, is adhering to the youth movement by creating an innovative style that captures the ideas of its followers. As a consumer-sighted clothing producer, Projek Raw has succeeded in echoing the desires of their target audience to establish itself as an up-and-coming name in Men's Fashion.

Inspired by the personality of young professionals, each and every collection by Projek Raw has featured several unique apparel lines that establish the perfect balance of quality, individuality, and cost-consciousness. By solidifying itself as a new and fresh brand, they possess an infectious desire to design original and free-spirited menswear through creative innovations in the clothing domain.

Breaking the Binaries.

The century old traditions of suits during the week, and Bermuda shorts and polos on the weekend are rapidly fading into memories of a more boring past. The current audience lives in a millennial-filled society that breathes originality and spits out redundancy. Spurred by a number of factors, including relaxed office dress codes, more creative-based jobs for men, and millennial values, menswear is undergoing a renaissance.

Projek Raw is proud to embrace this new era. Especially amidst an industry that has been plagued with a feeling of the status quo. Where ideas and patterns are becoming more predictable, the fashions featured in the new Spring/Summer Collection strive for originality. To steer further away from normalcy, Projek Raw has also embarked on releasing a new wave of menswear.

Pioneering a New Trail of Men's Fashion

As their success in Canada has been well documented, Projek Raw decided to take their formula on the road to America. While they supersede the notion of being an established brand, their niche for targeting young, urban professionals has become second nature. The same generation looking for comfort, quality, and great fashion are the same ones who maintain the fuel behind Projek Raw.

Men's Fashion continues to be an industry that always changes in the hopes of reinventing itself. As Projek Raw keeps firing on all cylinders with their move into the American market, their mission and their goals remain the same. People have always said, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Projek Raw has their own spin that says, "Consumers are the Secret behind Style." Their motto has remained unchanged and their words continue to inspire men's fashion all over the globe.

Click Here to See Projek Raw's 2016 Spring/Summer Collection Lookbook.

About Projek Raw
Projek Raw strives to echo the personality of the customers; young professionals "living by the pulse of the city". An Infectious Brand Projek Raw was born/founded in 2001 from the pure desire to design & create original unique free spirited wear. This brand is made for people who are opened minded and want to make themselves known as moving to their own beat. Developed by open minded people, ProjekRaw has made a statement and will continue to make their views and opinions known.