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Projek Raw's 2016 Pattern of Success


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/04/2016 --Recently, Canadian-based fashion designer, Projek Raw has made a big impression on the fashion industry by providing a fresher, unique, and clear identity to its product line. As a result, Projek Raw has had one of their most successful years yet, mostly thanks to the team of talented designers working behind the patterns and designs of the hottest fashion trends today.

In addition to their 2016 spring and summer collections, which is an endless of array of cargo shorts, denim shorts, swimwear and even a unique line of footwear, there's also something to be written for their jewelry and accessory collection.

About Projek Raw
Projek Raw has made a strong impression and quickly built their brand, identity, and reputation in the fashion industry since 2001. Although their design team is one of their greatest assets, the decision to invest time and effort in listening to customer feedback was their true power tool to the hottest trends and designs we see and wear today. It was through listening to customers that they learned that the "fast fashion" market was dead, and it was time for something new, unique, and fresh to give the fashion industry a new attitude.

As a result, their creative approach coupled with a customer-centric attitude has been successful in gaining consumers' attraction and attention in the men's wear market across Europe, Canada, and now the United States.

Projek Raw CEO and founder, Dov Cohen claims, "Projek Raw was created with the inspiration for the young man looking for trendy fashions. He wants to look current and even a little ahead of the fashion trend. Every time we develop a new item, that's the question we ask ourselves; 'is this fresh, is this trendy, is this different? Most importantly, does it look like everyone else?' If it does, throw away the design."

Jewelry and Accessory Trendsetters. We've already seen Projek Raw's 2016 spring/ summer collection, but in addition to the line of capri shorts, the new Ultra light package jacket, tank tops, and vests and footwear - in every pattern and color imaginable, let's not forget about their jewelry and accessories. Projek Raw's line of watches, hats, and cuff links are as fresh, unique, and are trendsetters.

Knowing how to accessorize doesn't have to mean being a female. A man's guide to accessorizing should start with a watch. For men who are looking to take a casual look and give it an extra formal look and feel, add a hat and cuff links to any sport coat and call it a night on the town.

Although Projek Raw's jewelry and accessory line is limited to watches, hats, and cuff links currently, and even these trends haven't been advertised to the extent of their potential, the design team is currently working on expanding this collection, which we can expect to see this coming fall and winter collection, although no official release date on this has yet been confirmed.


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