Prometheus Posture and Eye Health Application Announces Launch of Kickstarter Campaign with Early Access Rewards for Backers


Auckland, New Zealand -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/12/2016 --Prometheus, a desktop software application designed to help users improve their posture and eye health by giving feedback from their webcams, has announced the launch of a new Kickstarter campaign for the project. The project offers a wide range of reward options for backers, including early bird access and up to two years of licensing rights for ongoing use.

The ongoing problem with back pain and related issues has only continued to increase. According to a 2010 study from the Global Burden of Disease, lower back pain is the single highest cause of physical disability throughout the world with up to 80% of people experiencing back pain in their lives. Additionally, the two most frequently cited causes of back pain are prolonged sitting and poor posture.

This alarmingly high prevalence of lower back pain was one of the leading motivations behind the Prometheus application. Developers and physiotherapists Nikki Tse and Trevor Montgomery noted that the ongoing rise of technology has lead to an increasing number of people sitting at their desks. Accordingly, poor posture has directly led to a wide range of negative symptoms – including back pain, headaches, and neck pain.

Prometheus works to address the problem of poor posture by meeting people right where they are – at their desks. Using a webcam, the application gives users live feedback related to their posture. Additionally, Prometheus will remind users to take regular breaks from their desks to stand up and walk around.

Additionally, eye strain and dry eyes are a highly common consequence of sustained screen time. Prometheus also addresses this component directly by tracking blinking rates, recommending breaks, and providing usage reports about user habits and related statistics.

The underlying objective of Prometheus is to help improve the health of users by making them more aware of their posture – and offering an interactive method to help. By integrating Prometheus into their desktop setups, users can help to reduce their risks of injury and pain from back and eye issues. Additionally, they can help to improve other aspects that may be affected by poor posture. This includes a better mood, lower stress levels, improved productivity, and even digestion and breathing improvements.

About The Prometheus Kickstarter campaign
The Prometheus Kickstarter campaign is available to back until March 3, 2016. Check the Prometheus Kickstarter page to learn more about the software, how it can help, and to back the project for access to a variety of perks including early access and discounted licensing.