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Prominent U.S.-Based Business Consultant Calls for National Conference to Unify Nigeria

Crowdfunding expert and Angel Investor Ike Lemuwa writes open letter to Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, offers his CEO network’s help in organizing unity conference.


Alexandria, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/25/2017 --A prominent Nigerian-born author, Angel Investor, public speaker and crowdfunding expert, Ike Lemuwa, called on the President of Nigeria to take immediate action and organize a National Conference to create a New United Nation of Nigeria. Lemuwa, an American citizen and head of various CEO coaching groups such as the Ike Lemuwa Mastermind Platinum Group and the 198TILG Nigeria CEO Networks, voiced the request in an open letter addressed to Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari.

The letter called for the organization of a National Confession, Forgiveness, Reconciliation and Rehabilitation Commission to work together and begin to heal the country's wounds so as to allow it to move forward into a brighter future. Lemuwa pointed out that Nigeria will not be able to progress if it continues to marginalize its minorities and if the government continues to cater only to the wealthiest 1 percent of the population. "Only through a National Conference that encompasses all people of Nigeria, regardless of ethnicity or religion, can we build a future for our country and have a New United Nigeria," Lemuwa wrote in his open letter.

The prominent author also called on President Buhari to stop suppressing freedom of speech in the country by curtailing press freedom, locking up the opposition and arresting protesters and other people who express their legitimate grievances against the government.

In addition, Lemuwa criticized Buhari for allowing the government to be dominated by his cronies and members of his "inner circle" and underlined that this is highly undemocratic and that the current regime would fail unless it becomes more inclusive. "I ask you to listen to the voices of your people and make this a global community where the oppressed are not ignore. Be inclusive and engage us all so we may begin to heal and move forward from the many years of hurt," the letter reads.

In office since 2015, Buhari is a former military leader who previously served as head of state in the mid 1980s after taking power in a military coup. His regime at a time faced numerous allegations of human rights violations, but before his re-election in 2015, Buhari described himself as a converted democrat and vowed that under his new rule, there would be respect for fundamental human rights and all Nigerians would have equal access to justice.

According to Lemuwa, Nigeria continues to be driven apart by numerous issues and its turbulent past, which is why the National Confession, Forgiveness, Reconciliation and Rehabilitation Commission needs to convene and address all stringent issues. This conference would provide an opportunity for the people to confess their transgressions, seek genuine reconciliation by asking for forgiveness, and accept that they have a responsibility to participate in the unification effort. The letter cites South Africa and Sierra Leone as examples of countries that are still healing from the sins of the past, and voices hope that Nigeria would learn from them in terms of ensuring greater inclusiveness for all sectors of society and not just the dominant majority or those who hold power.
Lemuwa also offered the help of his 198TILG Nigeria CEO Network in organizing the Conference. The Network, with members with approximately 200 countries, is intended to help members become financially self-sufficient and to support their immediate community. The Network also teaches members how to build their own network of twelve "special advisers" who would use their specialized skills to help them achieve their goals.

About Ike Lemuwa
Ike Lemuwa is a Nigerian-born, American writer and consultant, based in Alexandria, Virginia. He is the head of the Ike Lemuwa Community Fundraising Coaching Group, as well as the author of several books on creating successful crowdfunding campaigns. He has initiated numerous CEO coaching and advising initiatives including the ILG CEO Branding Support Team, as well as the Reputation Defender Team and Reputation Assassin Team.

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