Protect Flipbook Documents with 3D Page Flip


Guangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/09/2013 --Before the advent of digital publishing, people used to write books, magazines, pamphlets or articles on paper and get them published with the help of some well-known publisher. But now due to digital publishing also known as electronic publishing or ePublishing, this old process has undergone a tremendous change. People who are good writers and are confident about their work then can now become their own digital publisher with the help of online magazine software technology.

Digital publishing is a quick process and is also considered to be environmentally friendly because paper is saved. Since everyone uses internet these days digital publishing has become famous. People do not buy books or magazines but simply read them online. Whenever something is digitally published new features are added to it like video, audio clip, animation effects, etc. This makes the work published more attractive and popular.

Protection for these digitally published works is absolutely necessary. If people publish something they would surely not want some unauthorized person to copy and paste stuffs from their creation because internet is accessible by almost everyone. Then this person might just take the credit for the work that they have actually done. This cannot be tolerated by them. Just as each book or CD has a copyright, digitally published works are protected by software like 3D PageFlip Professional.

This flip magazine software protects the work of any writer by hiding the print button so that people reading it cannot print the page. Plus publishers can lock the pages of their magazine, book, etc. by applying passwords to the flipbook. Through these two options, the software protects the user privacy. If they have any of their files in PDF format then with the help of the software they can change the PDF to Flipbook format which can have various 3D effects.

About 3D PageFlip
The 3D PageFlip Professional software allows users to share the flipbook they create with the help of it on their favorite social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. This software is provided by the professional company called 3D PageFlip Software Company Limited based in China. This company was established in the year 2008 to provide customers with an opportunity to convert their digital work into 3D flipbooks so that people can read the e-book or e-magazine by simply flipping the pages rather than scrolling down. The main benefit offered by any product of this company is the page flip option. This company provides cost-effective pdf to flip book maker services for digital publications.