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Protecting Companies and Industries: Commercial Fencing vs Walls

As a commercial fencing company, both fences and walls work to protect and limit unsafe and sensitive areas—but is there a clear winner?


New Westminster, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/11/2021 --When it comes to installing protective barriers to secure and protect businesses and industries, the options to consider include fencing and falls—but is there a difference. As a commercial fencing company in Vancouver , the team at QS Fencing lets function dictate form. For more, go to https://qsfencing.ca/blog/fences-or-walls-what-is-the-best-option-to-protect-companies-and-industries/

Protecting or limiting territory around a business is a necessity for many businesses, whether it's to protect merchandise—or ensure safety. But what kind of material should be used? Quite simply, many factors need to be considered—speed, installation, cost, durability. All these will help dictate the answer.

What is the Purpose?
To begin narrowing the decision around the best structure, consider the purpose. Walls are big, solid structures that work to separate and protect—this includes obscuring views for greater protection/privacy. Fences like chain link are made of style—they're quick and cost-effective to install, but they do not offer much in terms of privacy.

Fencing – What is indicated for each case?
To determine whether walls, railings, or fences are best for an application, it's also necessary to consider the enterprise. For example:

Companies - typically located in urban areas, businesses can be prone to theft and invasion, especially when costly goods are involved. In this case, consider high walls and a reinforced chain link fence for maximum protection.

Factories - usually located in areas farther away from large centers, They occupy larger spaces than conventional companies, and a chain link fence is usually sufficient to demark and protect the property.

Industrial Centers – like factories, these properties take up a lot of space but are usually away from urban centers. Steel or chain link fences are usually sufficient to safeguard valuable contents. Both fences are durable, but chain link can be installed in a manner that's quick and cost-effective.

Final Decisions
The type of business, as well as protection and budget requirements, will determine whether commercial fencing or a wall will provide the best protection. While walls have the advantage of providing security and privacy, commercial fencing remains a faster option that's easier to install.

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