Provider of Made-to-Measure Men's & Women's Fashions Online, Hockerty and Sumissura Announces a Successful Year in Review


Zurich, Switzerland -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/11/2020 --Poised to give customers unique, custom-made clothes delivered in two-weeks with a perfect fit guarantee, two companies have cornered the market on attractive reliability. Enter, Hockerty, and Sumissura. They're the dynamic duo that provides business suits for women and business suits for men along with other fashions online. Recently, the burgeoning companies announced their 2019 year in review.

Eugenie Cuynet, the Marketing Manager for Hockerty and Sumissura, said of the companies' success, "Whether it's a stylish suit women must have or a dress shirt men need, one of our two online shops will have it. That's proven by the 50,000 orders we processed in 2019 alone."

Stats show that the companies tailored 120,000 made-to-measure garments in 2019 and delivered them across 80 countries. The highest on the list of needed products sold were shirts. The top country for purchases was the United States, and the second, interestingly enough, was France. Thirty-five percent of those patronizing Hockerty and Sumissura requested garments with measurements that are not offered by commercial brands.

Cuynet adds, "We're so pleased to help our customers find exactly what they need and deliver it within 14 days."

For more information, visit http://www.hockerty.com and http://www.sumissura.com.

About Hockerty and Sumissura
Hockerty is the online purveyor of men's clothing. Sumissura supplies the marketplace with women's fashions online.

Eugenie Cuynet
Marketing Manager, Hockerty and Sumissura


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