Proviz Offers Running and Cycling Jackets Fit for Summertime

Proviz offers a line of running and cycling apparel fit for people who plan to get back to exercising this summer season.


Trinity, Jersey -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/03/2015 --The weather is getting warmer and warmer and Proviz understands that most people would want to get back in shape as the summer looms ahead. There are various outdoor activities that are only done best if the weather is warmer. Getting those summer fit bodies will not only require the proper exercise but the appropriate sportswear to go along with it. For people who are busy during the day and only have time to exercise in the evening, Proviz' highly reflective cycling and running jacket is available online. Wearing reflective clothing while you take your evening walk or cycle around the neighborhood is important for making sure that you are safe and visible the whole time.

A reflective running and cycling jacket is the ideal accessory for staying visible even in the dark. Proviz REFLECT360 jackets are highly visible and a great addition to any sportswear collection! Unlike most jackets where only a fraction of material is light-reflective, the entire surface of a Reflect360 jacket shines even when only a small amount of light is directed to it. For running gear, Proviz has a wide array of stylish and functional jackets on their website Other running apparel include shirts and shorts, gloves and socks, rucksacks and covers, as well as a range of running accessories and multipurpose lights. For cycling needs, Proviz has a number of great cycling jacket options: Different cycling products are also available such as gilets and vests, shirts and shorts, gloves socks and shoe covers, rucksacks and covers, messenger bags, bike lights, multipurpose lights, accessories, helmets and, of course, the award winning ProvizREFLECT360 range.

Keeping in shape during the summer is more convenient and comfortable when you have the right gear for the task. Provizsports' highly reflective sports clothing is important in keeping you safe from dangers posed by motorists and other vehicles on the road, but is comfortable to wear and designed to be as streamlined as possible. Proviz offers sports clothing and accessories for various sports and outdoor activities. Sports enthusiasts may visit their website at to learn more about their products.

About Proviz Sports
Proviz Sports is a UK-based company that offers innovative sports accessories to enthusiasts around the globe. Since 2009, the company has consistently been developing high-quality sports accessories and continues to grow and expand. Proviz Sports is the 2013 reddot design awardee. For more information regarding Proviz Sports, visit their website You may also contact them at +44 (0) 1425 204 445. Their business address is located at Rock Vale, Rue de la Bergerie, Trinity, Jersey, JE3 5AP.