Proviz Provides Horse Riding Safety Equipment to Prevent Injuries and Increase Visibility

Proviz provides horse riding safety equipment such ashigh visibility vests and helmets. Horse riding is a demanding sport that requires protective gears to avoid severe injuries in case of falls or collisions.


Trinity, Jersey -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/16/2014 --In order to ride a horse safely, a rider should wear proper safety equipment such as a helmet and body protector. A body protector shields the body from cuts and abrasions and also providesadditional visibility so that a rider can be easily distinguished from the environment. The helmet absorbs any impact directed to the head in case the rider falls from the horse due to collision or forceful dismount. Proviz has a wide variety of horse riding safety equipment to provide riders with the protection that they need.

Riders can browsethrough their products that include high visibility jackets, bags, helmets, vests,gloves and exercise sheets. This equipment will provide the rider sufficient protection and visibility when traveling on the road or in a forest. Aside from these items, wearing aTriviz Light Pack can also enhance the rider’s visibility especially at night. The Triviz Light Pack is a battery powered light that can be easily attached to a person’s back. It emits a strong electric blue light that is easy for others to spotwhile on the road. It also has a visibility booster to help the rider stand out from other lights on the road. The light pack is compatible with all products in the Proviz Nightrider range. More horse riding safety equipment is available in

Horse riding accidents can cause serious injuries to a rider. Common accidents related to horse riding are falls, slips and collisions. In recreational riding, accidents can occur when the horse suddenly panics and becomes uncontrollable. The rider can be forcefully thrown away resulting to a serious fall. Helmet and body gears reduce any impact to the body thus preventing any serious damage. When traveling on the road, it is important to wear bright colored clothing to have visibility. Motorists can detect the rider from afar and avoid any potential collisions.

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Proviz retails a wide variety of protective and high visibility equipment. The company is located at Rock Vale, Rue de la Burgerie, Trinity, Jersey, JE3 5AP. Their number is +44 (0)1534 854645 and email address is Visit their website for more details about their products and services.