Proviz Sports Features Proviz REFLECT360 and High Visibility Cycling Products

Proviz Sports features their line of high visibility cycling products. Included in their wide range of high visibility cycling products is the Proviz Reflect360, the world’s first jacket specifically designed to enhance a cyclist’s visibility on the road.


Trinity, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/20/2014 --Proviz Sports features their line of high visibility cycling products on their website, These products are designed to significantly enhance a cyclist’s visibility while on the road. Included among their featured products are high visibility jackets, helmets, rucksacks, trousers and light packs. The company also introduces their Proviz REFLECT360 cycling jacket to cyclists.

Road safety is a major concern for any cyclist. According to the Proviz Sports’ website, the Proviz REFLECT360 is the world’s first jacket that is specifically designed to enhance and aid a cyclist’s visibility on the road. The jacket is manufactured from 100% reflective material to ensure that a cyclist is seen from every possible angle. The jacket's reflective material picks up and reflects the slightest of light from all directions to help other drivers easily identify a cyclist’s position on the road from a far distance. This gives the driver more time to notice, react and maneuver the vehicle appropriately.

The REFLECT360 jacket is designed with multiple vents; front, shoulder, back and under the arm. This allows the user to regulate body temperature. By opening the front zipped vents a 'through-flow' is created. The air enters the front vents, cools the body and exits via the shoulder or back vents. During the winter, the vents can be close. These features enable the jacket to be used all year round, providing an extra convenience to the cyclist.

Even at night, the jacket can be used to reflect light and point out directions. A cyclist can indicate signals by holding out his hand and point to the direction that he’s going. The reflective material of the suit will make the gesture visible to other riders.

As stated on their website, the company is a strong advocate for the safety of cyclists on the road. The hi-viz light-emitting electroluminescent systems in their products ensure cyclists are highly visible 100% of the time especially when it is dark. Visit their website for more details about their products and services. For more Info, Please visit

About Proviz Sports
Proviz Sport is a company that specializes in high visibility products that includes clothing, lighting systems and accessories.