Proviz Sports Launches Interactive Video Featuring High Visibility Cycling Jacket

Proviz Sports, a brand selling high visibility sportswear, recently created an interactive video showing the importance of high visibility cycling jacket. It highlights the main purpose of high visibility clothing – safety while cycling at night.


Trinity, Jersey -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/22/2015 --The video entitled "Out of the Dark: An Interactive Ride Through London" was recently launched by the sports brand, Proviz Sports. The interactive video features a man named Thomas, wearing a regular dark colored jacket, cycling home from work during the night. A few seconds into the video the user is prompted to click and hold a button which transforms the cyclist's regular jacket into one of Proviz' popular high visibility cycling jackets; the REFLECT360 jacket. The video is highlighting the importance of wearing the proper high visibility clothing, especially when riding at night, by contrasting the effects of wearing a high visibility jacket with the effects of not. High visibility garments can be the only thing between the cyclist and a possible road accident.

The video aims to awaken the senses of the viewers,raising awareness of the dangers that puts the life of any cyclist travelling at night at high risk. The road was dark, cars and trucks are bustling left and right, the sound of horns overlapping. The cyclist is busy making his way home, in the busy streets of London, to his family and we want him to succeed. The Proviz team hopes that by creating this video they will be educating people around the world on the importance of bike safety. The video can be viewed directly at It is best viewed on a desktop's full screen with the user's headset on. Users who wish to check out the high visibility cycling jacket used can visit Proviz Sports website,

A review from the Cycling Active Magazine regarding the reflect360 jacket, "Astonishing reflective capabilities... the REFLECT360 kit really does glow, and in quite an incredible manner."

According to Bike Rumor, "If there's such a thing as too safe, then Proviz REFLECT360 cycling jacket takes you there... great insulator from chilly wind and rain."

About Proviz Sports
Proviz Sports is a UK-based company that offers innovative sports accessories to enthusiasts around the globe. Since 2009, the company consistently developed sports accessories and continues to grow and expand. Proviz Sports is the 2013 reddot design awardee. For more information regarding Proviz Sports, visit their website