Proviz Sports Promotes Safety with High Visibility Sportswear This Christmas Season

Proviz Sports is urging people to stay safe this Christmas season with their high visibility cycling and sportswear. Their products include jackets, helmets, pants, accessories, multipurpose lights, rucksacks and covers.


Trinity, Jersey -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/15/2014 --Proviz Sports is encouraging people to stay safe during the twilight hours and nighttime this Christmas season with their high visibility cycling and sportswear. Proviz Sports offers an assortment of products for cycling, running, motor cycling, horse riding and outdoor activities. Their products make use of electroluminescent light, an optical and electrical phenomenon whereby a material emits light in response to the passage of an electric current or a strong electric field. The light produced is visible from a great distance making it an ideal addition to high visibility products. Proviz Sports' high visibility cycling products are also attractive and would makeexcellent Christmas presents.

Established in 2009, Proviz has developed a number of unique, high visibility, light-emitting cycling products taking cycling clothing and accessories to a whole new level. Product sales have been really strong since their conception because cyclists all over the world have realised the need to stay highly visible and safe. The success of the cycling products paved the way for Proviz to expand their business into running, horse riding, motor cycling and outdoor activities. They even have developed lighting accessories to keep children safe when playing outdoors.

With safety being a priority, high visibility products are especially recommended this Christmas season, as it is a time when people come together and activities may last into the evening, when it is dark. The high visibility jackets also make great Christmas presents for loved ones as not only will they help keep people safe, they are also attractive and useful sportswear. Proviz Sports has been featured in a number of publications including BBC, The Guardian, Men's Health, People and The Herald. Cycling Active, a bestselling cycle magazine, has even called Proviz Sports "One of the most innovative new brands to appear in the cycling trade in 2010."

Proviz Sports continues to grow and their product range, ever expanding. Their products include high visibility jackets, trousers, accessories, multipurpose lights, messenger bags, rucksacks, helmets, vests, shirts, shorts, gloves and socks, which all promote safety when used for outdoor activities. You can buy their products online or in numerous retailers that stock Proviz. Proviz Sports ships to almost all countries across the world.

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