Proviz Sports Supports the Growing Cycling Culture in UK

Cycling culture in the UK is growing by the minute and Proviz is supporting the cause by developing safe cycling clothing and accessories. With more and more people cycling, high quality clothing and accessories are of greater importance.


Trinity, Jersey -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/10/2015 --There has been a considerable increase in cycling activities in the UK recently. No doubt this is because the sport has proven to be an effective means of transportation, but it is also because cycling has repeatedly been shown to be good for people by improving health, fitness and helping to reduce day to day stress. Of all the recreational activities in the UK, cycling is now the third most popular with approximately 3.1 million individuals riding a bicycle every month. Moreover, cycling can easily be included into every day routines and commutes, and has the added benefit of saving both money and the environment.

In recognition of the growing cycling culture, and the individual and societal benefits of cycling, the British government is looking to further encourage and support cyclists. Indeed, the Commons transport committee has recommended last year that 3% of the transport budget (£400 million) must be allotted to cycling in England.

With the increase in cycling culture, so too has the focus on cycling safety increased across the UK.As a means of transport, it is important that cyclists wear cycling clothing and accessories that meets the British standard. A cyclist kit is recommended to include a helmet, proper lights and reflectors, as well as clothing and accessories with reflective properties. Unfortunately cycling commentators have noted that there is a real lack of cycling safety accessories available. One brand however has come to the rescue. Proviz, a leading retailer of cycling accessories,has developed a full range of safety cycling clothing and accessories.

Proviz offers a wide variety of cycling equipment and clothing, including their high visibility REFLECT360 range. The REFLECT360 is an innovation developed by the company that features a line of cycling jackets and accessories specifically for cyclists travelling in the dark of the night. Other products by the company includes helmets, rucksacks and covers, messenger bags, jackets and trousers, gilets and vests, shirts and shorts, gloves socks and shoe covers, bike lights and other cycling accessories. Having the appropriate cycling gear as well as following the proper road precautions reduces any chance of road accidents.

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About Proviz Sports
Proviz Sports is a UK-based company that offers innovative sports accessories to enthusiasts around the globe. Since 2009, the company consistently developed sports accessories and continues to grow and expand. Proviz Sports is the 2013 reddot design awardee.

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