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Provo, UT Dentist Dr. Joe Jeppson Offers Laser Gum Contouring Procedure to Help Patients Achieve Their Ideal Smiles

Dr. Joe Jeppson of Jeppson Dental helps patients improve the look of their healthy smiles with laser gum contouring


Provo, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/28/2015 --Provo dentist Dr. Joe Jeppson of Jeppson Dental is helping patients who are unhappy with the shape or look of their teeth finally achieve their ideal smiles using laser gum contouring. Oftentimes, patients who have healthy teeth but who also have a "gummy" smile still feel self-conscious about their appearance. With this procedure, Dr. Jeppson is able to remove excess gum tissue to reshape the gum line to add more symmetry and proportion to the patient's smile.

Because this procedure is done with a surgical laser instead of a scalpel, the patient's gums are actually sealed and sterilized as they are contoured, greatly reducing the amount of irritation and inflammation the patient experiences after the procedure. The laser makes the process very quick, comfortable, and easy for the patient.

This procedure is often preferred by patients who have completed orthodontic treatment but who still are not completely satisfied with their smile due to uneven or excessive gums. Unproportioned or uneven gum lines can make teeth look worn or unhealthy. Dr. Jeppson takes into account the patient's unique facial frame and smile line when determining exactly how to contour the gums. Patients who may have been self-conscious about seeing too much gum tissue when they smiled, even with straight teeth, can undergo this simple procedure to entirely transform the look of their smile.

Other patients may prefer to undergo additional cosmetic procedures in conjunction with gum contouring to provide the dramatic change they've always wanted for their smile. Gum contouring is often combined with procedures like teeth whitening or even veneers to give patients the ideal smile of their dreams.

Veneers are a favorable option for patients who want a straighter and more symmetrical smile but do not want to undergo orthodontic treatment to achieve it. Veneers can also help to conceal permeant staining or discoloration of teeth that detract from the patient's smile. Dr. Jeppson uses IPS e.max ceramic porcelain to create thin, shell-like caps for the patient's teeth. This superior material provides the patient with a lifelike appearance and exceptional durability, so they can enjoy an equally functional and beautiful smile.

About Dr. Joe Jeppson
Dr. Jeppson received his DMD from Oregon Health Sciences University and has been practicing in Provo for 15 years. Throughout his career, Dr. Jeppson has remained dedicated to continuing his education and training in the profession, and has completed continuing education credits in specialties such as laser dentistry, dental implants, oral surgery, removable prosthetics, and more. Dr. Jeppson is a member of the Utah Dental Association and the American Dental Association.

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