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PRS Insurance Announces Incredible Medicare Advantage Plans in Houston and Dallas TX

PRS Insurance launches medicare advantage plans in Houston and Dallas TX to help the aged handle unrelenting circumstances.


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/05/2017 --Medicare advantage which is also known as Medicare Part C is a significant part of one's medicare plan. The elderly can typically benefit from it because of the choices it offers. It further enables the aged to better handle unrelenting circumstances.

One can gain a good number of choices of health facilities, prescription drug coverage that is far superior to what is currently offered with Medicare Plan D, and prescription home delivery service which can be very helpful during the winter months and times of serious illness. In addition to these amazing benefits, Medicare Part C also includes the doctor's office visits and physical exams as well as no copay for preventive services, health screenings, and immunizations. This is why PRS insurance offers quality Medicare advantage plans in Houston and Dallas TX.

For more than 30 years, PRS Insurance Solutions has been providing service that is reliable and top-notch, extending all beyond the sale of an insurance policy. The expert insurance agents at PRS Insurance believe in service, and they are focused on strengthening not only their client base but also their relationships with their clients.

The reason one should choose the Medicare advantage is that one can largely benefit from the plan which is covered under Original Medicare and more. These plans have no limitations for pre-existing conditions for enrollment, and they do not require a physical exam. One may have several health plans to choose from depending on where one lives.

The main focus of PRS Insurance is to assist the senior market in finding long-term stability to supplement their current Medicare coverage. Through their commitment to research, PRS Insurance experts have found the senior market is in need of total and complete health care services. With all costs of prescription drugs, dental, eye care and vision discounts included, Medicare Advantage can be an excellent option for senior care to look for.

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For three decades, PRS Insurance Solutions has been providing service that is dependable, world-class, and extend well beyond the sale of an insurance policy. Their insurance sales agents believe in service, and they want to build relationships, not client lists. At PRS, they provide insurance solutions that give their customers peace of mind.