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ESPsychics are pleased to welcome gifted and ethical psychics from the U.K Here we introduce you to one of them, Ravenne. We want you to enjoy your psychic reading from our gifted psychics.


Myrtle Beach, SC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/26/2013 --We would like to welcome and introduce to you Ravenne one of our U.K psychic readers with ESPsychics. click my link

She was approached by Chinhee Park in November 2012 after Chinhee became aware of Ravenne through a Spiritual Group on a social networking site and was drawn to her healing energy. Ravenne was invited to test with Bettina Tendler O'Mara, one of the founders of Espsychics,after passing the tests Ravenne was then able to do tests for Chinhee Park. We are please to say she passed with acuracy, and is now not only a reader with ESPsychics but also a host for one of their weekly Radio shows, Extra Sensory People with Hey Z Radio Network.

Ravenne is a natural fourth generation psychic, empath, clairvoyant and healer. The gift of foresight and intuitive knowing runs strongly through the female side of her family, she is currently training her daughter to become the 5th generation to recognize and work with their gift to help others. Ravenne specailizes in Psychic Photograph readings and Psychic Dream Intrepretation.

During a reading with Ravenne is able to tap into the clients energy and send healing and uplifting energy. Ravenne works with a clear intuition and clairvoyant vision to see what is happening in the past present and future of a client. Her belifes and intuitive guidance comes from working in a Wiccan and Shammanic way alongside her guides.

"Hi Ravenne, I would like to give you a BIG THANK YOU. You gave me a most accurate reading a few months back saying how I would meet someone spiritual but that they would find me. Well you was so spot on in your description that I feel I must write to you to say thank you my friend your spirituality is a true gift from the Creator. The person is also very spiritually gifted and I was able to connect with them. Giving her a reading of my own which blew her socks off. With the kindest of regards your friend, Carl"

Ravenne is available for phone, email and chat readings most days through Espsychics website click my link and is a regular guest on spiritual and psychic radio shows.

About Ravenne
When she isnt working for Espsychics you will find Ravenne working along side her husband and radio co host Robin, together they perform home vists for people who are experiencing psychic phernomina,using ethical methods they both cleanse homes of negative energy and connect with spirits who need to be helped and heard in order to move on it the spirit.

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